Romance v. Horror: Awful Misguided Reviews


Reader Reviews—manna for the author. Reviews may not pay the bills, but a good one, well that pays back the hours spent in solitude writing your story. Writers are, by the nature of the business, public figures. And with the potential for accolades comes the possibility of criticism. Some criticism is good. It can help the writer to learn, to improve, and to grow. Sometimes, however, the critique can seem a bit harsh or worse—completely misguided. The kind of review that tempts your fingers to type out an explanation as to why the reviewer was wrong, or to at least strike back at the unfairer-spewer-of-nonsense. To do so, of course, is a violation of the 3rd Law of Authorship: Thou shalt not respond to negative reviews or trolls.

But, over here, in our private world of Writers After Dark, we can ease some of those dark desires with a little Romance v Horror episode we call, “Awful, Misguided Reviews.”

Some of our favorite followers were kind enough to send us their most awful, misguided review and in return we’ve responded to the readers on their behalf. So take a quick fifteen-minute break, sit back and enjoy fifteen minutes of writer’s revenge in our latest episode.

And as special thanks to the participants, we’re going to plug their books shamelessly.

patricia review pic

diane for vid

rami vid 2


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