Men and Women: How We Argue

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Providing readers with a great emotional experience is often at the top of a writer’s list. Creating unrealistic situations, characters, or scenes is basically failing at story telling. When writing a romance, for example, we want our readers to feel like they’re actually falling in love themselves. And when writing an argument, well . . . we want them to feel the raw truth of all sides.

We must take into consideration that some personalities enjoy debating no matter the subject while others run away at the first sign of a conflict. But, there is one thing that has been consistent throughout history . . . and that is:

Men and women argue differently.

In a relationship, men and women bicker and fight in ways that leave the opposite sex’s head spinning—after all, they don’t speak the same language. A woman can be illogical, contradictory, unrealistic, and emotional, sure . . . but all you need to do is tell her she’s right—and believe it when you say it. That’s all. Nothing more to it. Good luck.

While a man is rational and is arguing to get you to see another perspective, the woman just wants to be understood. For a man, lack of emotional training can make women outmaneuver, and umm, manipulate them. Especially when we resort to that little trick we call “crying.” Sorry, boys! You do have a valid a point, we know. But do you seriously want to get into a basketball court against Michael Jordan?

The sooner you accept you can’t win, the better you’re off. And please don’t change the subject, either. That will just be the beginning of another argument . . .

Which brings us to our latest YouTube episode. In just under 12 minutes, Raymond and I discuss how men and women argue differently. Neither of us wins, mind you, but we both make excellent points. Most importantly we get to laugh without killing one another! (Next time, though, I’m playing dirty and bringing in the waterworks . . . because I can.)

S. Katherine Anthony

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