Free Outlining Worksheets and Editing Checklist for Writers

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You can find writing advice on every corner of the Internet. That doesn’t mean it’s good advice, though. Research on the “process of writing” can be confusing, and it’s always changing. Throw in the rate at which information is spread, and it’s no wonder the writing tips or suggestions you get from your friends can seem unsound. 

One of the most popular writing processes out there is to use outlines, so we thought we’d share some worksheets that might help with organizing your story. As far as writing preference goes, you can either be a planner or a pantser. A planner likes to plot most of the details in an outline before writing the first word of their book, while the rest of us like to fly by the seat of our pants. 

If you notice, I included myself in the pantser group . . . and yet, here I am sharing some outlining worksheets. I have a good reason. While it’s true that I feel restricted if I have an outline before I write the first draft of any story, I do like making sure my story flows. I also prefer to know all my facts are straight. And I like to have my work as organized and linear as possible. That’s where these worksheets come in. I use them AFTER I’ve completed my first or sometimes even my second draft. But you don’t have to do it my way, feel free to use as a pre-writing outline. Personally, I love the Save the Cat method the best, but I’m here offering options along with character worksheets, and an editing checklist.

I hope you find these helpful! And in the spirit of Thanksgiving, thank you for being a Writers After Dark reader! 🙂



Character Worksheet

Editing Checklist Template

Novel Outline-Save the Cat

Novel Outline-Seven Point Story Structure


Example 😉




S. Katherine Anthony

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