Top Lessons Learned in 2016

As writers, we’re always told to show and not tell . . .

So in the spirit of keeping it light and taking our own advice of laughing more, we’re sharing a few of our top lessons learned this year in a five-minute video. If that’s not showing, I don’t know what is! 😉

But if you were looking for more writerly type lessons, here are some of our most popular posts for 2016:

And our top 4 Videos on YouTube:

  • Awful Misguided Reviews- A reader expecting more of a love story in a zombie book? What the what? Plus more! Enjoy this fifteen minutes of hilarious writer’s revenge. Special thanks to all our followers who participated!
  • Men and Woman: How We Argue- As writers, we need to have realistic arguments in our books, so in just under 12 minutes, Raymond and I discuss how men and women argue differently. I dare you not to laugh!
  • Me Can Self-Edit- After a great story is written, the writer needs a great edit. In this episode, we discuss the perils of self-editing with our editor (and friend) Lynda Dietz.
  • Those Crazy Internet Memes- The internet is inundated with memes, so we thought we’d discuss some of them. And by discuss, I mean make fun of them 😛

Thanks for being a follower and have a wonderful new year! Let’s storm into 2017 and fulfill our dreams, shall we?


S. Katherine Anthony

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