The Lighter Side of Writing – 10 Moments You Knew You Were a Writer

Once you reach that point where you either decide to publish or have published something changes. Your thoughts drift to all kinds of life-sucking concerns – like public reception, serious writing schedules, marketing, and generally the business of writing.

Even the most passionate writer can have stressful moments when it feels like the fun is gone. Well, buck up little camper because we’re not gonna let you stay in those dark places for long.

In our new video series, The Lighter Side of Writing, Writers After Dark will remind you to have some fun, not to be so hard on yourself and most of all…You ain’t alone.

After all, being a writer requires we be a little quirky, hear voices in our head, and generally walk that fine line between sanity and the cuckoo nest. So give us five minutes and feel the satisfaction in learning you aren’t any crazier than the rest of us.

To kick it off here’s episode one:

The 10 Moments You Knew You Were a Writer

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