Articles on Writing You Don’t Want to Miss (1)


When you’re stuck with your writing, or just plain bored out of your skull, there’s nothing better than to pursue some motivation. Whether it’s via Netflix, reading, or researching all those cool “how tos” on writing, it all works to get your writerly blood pumping. So we thought we’d share a few of our most popular posts on writing, in hopes they help you through your tough times. Because why? Because we care, that’s why!

So in case you missed it . . . and because we really need one break per month from all the “posts writing” . . . and to use the time to write our books . . . and other stuff we haven’t thought of yet . . . here are some helpful articles on writing:

*Creative Pragmatism: How to Become a Productive Author
*Finding a Writing Routine that Works for You
*How to Keep Your Dialogue in Check
*7 Ways to Become A New York Times Bestseller
*Why You Should Write Your First Draft BEFORE Outlining Your Novel
*The Top 5 Ways to Set Guilt-Free Resolutions for Writers

And if these float your boat, I’m also sharing some inspiration (because I care about you): an invitation to our readers into our most intimate moments when we write, and an introduction to a series for those in love with things that go bump in the night 😉

*Dear Reader, Let’s Go on a Date . . . (Read this one first—I wrote it.)
*Saturday Nightmirrors (This one is my co-host’s post, so it really wouldn’t affect me if you skipped it.) (But it will affect you . . . he knows voodoo.)

Thanks for making it this far, if you did. If not, I’m just talking to myself. (I’m a writer, though, so it’s okay!) Umm, I’ll stop now . . .

February 24th, 2022

As a new addition, I’d like to share another article than can serve as a great resource for writers:

*Money-Saving Guide for Authors and Writers

Thank you, Anna. Best wishes in your pursuit of becoming a published author!

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