Color Meanings for Writers

Using colors in your writing is a fantastic way to add symbolism and foreshadowing to your story. They can enrich your scenes by adding deeper meaning, variation, and  help with mood amongst other things. Be sure to check out the upcoming post on using the five senses next Monday! This chart is a little gift for the “Sight” portion of it. 

I hope you find it as useful as I do! 😉

WAD Color Meaning Chart




  1. This is handy! I guess it’s difficult sometimes since colors can mean different things to different people, especially depending on their cultural background. And if you’re writing fantasy or something similar, you don’t necessarily need to be constrained by a specific real-life culture’s color associations.

    1. That is so true! Psychologically, there might still be some impact on the reader, but like you said, maybe it’s best to stick to the universal meanings. Like red representing blood—everyone can relate to that. In fantasy, well, you get to create your own rules, so that’s even more fun to play around with colors! 🙂

  2. This is useful! Thank you!

    *Psst! While someone spent the morning out the house at dialysis, I added more than 4k to my current WIP! But you didn’t hear that from me!* LOL!

  3. Colors really inspire me in writing and in regular life, which is funny because I love to wear black. Black, navy blue and deep cherry red are my favorite clothing colors, but I love tons of colors on other people and make up stories in my head about what they’re like, based on what colors they wear.

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