The Lighter Side of Writing

10 Things Authors Would Like to Say to Their Worst Critics

Hey, remember earlier this week, when we discussed book reviews? Well, on this episode of The Lighter Side of Writing, SK and I cover the ten things that authors would love to say (but don’t) to our worst book critics.

So go ahead and grab four minutes of writer’s therapy below.

4 thoughts on “10 Things Authors Would Like to Say to Their Worst Critics”

  1. I’d forgotten how well you both dance, since we haven’t gotten together in a while. Thanks for the fresh visual.

    And of course I love this list! That would be where I (if I were an author) would want to create a fake name account NOT to bolster my reviews but to answer people’s crap as an “uninvolved bystander.”


  2. Haha! And this one: I see that your review is not for a verified purchase, so that means you were happy to claim a free book from me, but you somehow felt obliged to repay my generosity by spewing the bile from your withered and soulless existence onto Amazon. Thanks for that.


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