Five Mistakes First-Time Self-Published Authors Make – The Writers’ Podcast, Ep 01

pod ep 1 five mistakes

On The Writers’ Podcast episode one, we discuss the five common mistakes first-time self-published authors make and we include some tips on how to avoid them.


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10 thoughts on “Five Mistakes First-Time Self-Published Authors Make – The Writers’ Podcast, Ep 01”

  1. lol the famous “Does this make me look fat?”
    I have a husband who will say, “Well . . . I know that’s one of your favorite outfits and you’re really comfortable in it, but it’s not the most flattering thing you own.” Yep. Many a so-so outfit has been sifted due to this exact response.

    Urban fantasy v. bourbon fantasy . . . that’s worth looking into.

    Great podcast, you two! This covers so many great points and is well worth the listen.

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  2. Love this. It will be a great tool for newer self pubs and even some that have been at it for a while. Keep it up guys can’t wait for the next one.

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  3. $500 and $1000.00 for content editing? I paid almost 2000.00…yes, this person is amazing. I feel robbed. When I only paid 500 for content editing it came back still full of errors. I felt it was ran through Grammarly and that was it. Ugh! I am tired of people claiming to be something they are not. It is hard enough paying for everything else: copyright, ISBN’s, covers, etc.


    1. I agree and had a similar experience, only I paid over a thousand for the errors. It’s just not as easy as selecting an editor from a website, which is why we’re prepping an episode on selecting your editor 🙂


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