Traditional v. Self-Publishing – The Pros and Cons of Each – The Writers’ Podcast, Ep 03

trad v self pod ep 3

Which publishing approach is best for you? We run down the pros and cons of traditional and self-publishing and provide some insights to help authors decide which avenue is best for them.

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  1. First I am with S on this one, watch the Notebook. It is the one romance movie that lets dudes keep their “mancard”.

    I chose Self-pub myself as a means of advertising. Now that I have been in it a few years I have come to see I will probably always use it for some of my books. The main thing for me is it would be so nice to hand someone my book and they just take it and get it edited and find the cover and market it with me. I mean I love the control I get, but honestly it can be tiring.

    In cost it really is often a matter of pay now or pay later. Unless you blow up, which is good no matter where or how you publish.

    In the end good books don’t get picked up. I think it is like Marvel and DC, it is great to have both, even if you are a fan of just one. The reason is, they push each other. They have to work to attract people to their way so that fight can make both better us.

    Another great podcast guys. A hungry fan says make them faster. lol

  2. This is such a great post! Love your pros and cons from both sides of the aisle.
    I agree each person needs to look at which method best serves them and is the best fit.

    That being said, much respect to each writer and their chosen paths, but to me, it seems some get so consumed with query letters, literary agents, and being traditionally published, they lose sight of the writing. Writers write because they have to, and it doesn’t matter whether the results of all their hard work is traditionally published, self-published, or sits in a collection of plastic totes for thirty years, the passion has to be fulfilled! (Okay, that last one may just be me.)

    I found the Grafton quote most annoying… okay, it pissed me off! How condescending and self-serving! Do we have to say, “Mother, may I?” before we hit the publish button? Raymond’s response was perfect! LOL! 😀

    I was in a chat earlier this week where a new, unpublished author said he’d rather burn his MS than self-publish because it was the “kiss of death.” I offered to supply matches. He thought my humor fell short. I asked him what humor? It had to be said. The elitist attitude that self-published books are ‘less than’ is another pet peeve of mine because I’ve read too many craptastic books which bore a publisher’s stamp.

    Self-publishing isn’t a perfect process but it is a process which is evolving. There will always be those who create their own less-than-stellar covers and edit their own books, but discounting a portion of the publishing world [that is growing and not going anywhere] because of a few rogue Indies is ridiculous.

    On the flip-side… traditional publishing? Meh. You’ve lost control of your book, are subject to someone else’s RULES and deadlines, and most importantly, it’s not a sure path to a bestseller either. The very thought of it all just makes me want to… pour another cup of coffee! 😀

    Enjoy the weekend and have a great 4th! 😉

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