Writers! Have a Voice in the Industry!

Writers! Have a voice in the industry

There is much speculation about the direction and choices of Indie authors. Often the info we receive doesn’t  match up with what we are actually doing. And sometimes “surveys” seem a bit slanted toward a specific goal.

Writers After Dark wants to leverage our over eleven thousand social media followers to provide real input and real information to writers like you.

To have a voice, simply sign up to our list and we’ll send occasional questions for you to answer.

As a survey member, you’ll get the exclusive results of our surveys via email on findings such as:

  • “How many books are indie authors actually selling?”
  • “What’s the average amount we spend on things like editing and book covers?”
  • “Where do we sell the most books?”

Plus, other useful info to help you make decisions and gauge your own success.

So sign up today and have a voice!

2 thoughts on “Writers! Have a Voice in the Industry!”

    1. Thank you. Tell your friends lol. For the information to have real meaning we need to poll about 500 writers so we’re on a mission here lol.


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