Are You Really Ready to Publish Your Book? —The Writers’ Podcast, Ep 05

Knowing when you’re ready to publish can be difficult. In this episode of The Writers’ Podcast, we take a hard look at the ways to determine if you are ready to publish your book. We also discuss the eight questions every writer should ask and answer before they hit that publish button.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have a hard time STOPPING editing and revising and moving on- it was helpful to hear published authors talking through their process.

    1. Anne you’re in good company. I have it on good authority that SK never met a paragraph she didn’t think could be “just a little better” lol – Hey but it just means you really care about your craft, which is a great thing.

  2. My two favorite parts: “Big Five publishers pick losers all the time” and “S.K. Anthony, Queen of the Island of Revisions.” These are seriously great, with a lot of useful advice packed into a podcast I can listen to on my way to work.

    1. LOL – “There is an island and she is its queen.” You know she wants to kill me when I add those little things lol

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