The Five Stages of Writing Grief – Ep 07, The Writers’ Podcast

The 5 Stages of Writer's Grief

Knowing when you need to improve your writing is emotionally challenging for most writers. In episode seven, we examine the five stages each writer must conquer to achieve acceptance and to ultimately improve their writing.

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6 thoughts on “The Five Stages of Writing Grief – Ep 07, The Writers’ Podcast”

  1. It is funny because on our trip Amanda and I were talking about writing. I do a lot of types of art, but nothing compares time wise to writing.

    I have some books that I have spent five plus years developing and two that have had over a decade. It really creates this aura around the project that can be at times counterproductive to just working.

    That is how the books I’ve published came to be because I just wanted to write something instead of working on it for most of my life. Even then it took me over three years to get to the point of publishing.

    Time is precious and wasting it has to be the largest sin. This can really make our minds go to dark places, but if you are not trying to improve then you are truly wasting said time. I love how you guys compare it to the stages of grief. Another great podcast.

    I wish I could put in the Thor GIF where he smashes the cup and ask for “ANOTHER!!”, but you get the point.


      1. I agree with you that wasting time is the biggest sin, which is why my time management failures makes me feel the guiltiest when it comes to writing.

        . . . and . . . “ANOTHER!!” LOL -Thanks for showing us some love, even podcasters can go through the five stages of grief! So encouragement and vodka is always welcomed! 😛


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