Small Press Publishing: The Questions You Must Answer Before Signing – Ep. 08, The Writers’ Podcast

small press question pod ep 8

Small Press Publishers provide a great middle ground between the traditional and self-publishing options, however before you sign you can avoid potential heartaches by answering these critical questions.

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    1. You said it, research is everything! I do remember you had first-hand experience with a small press going out of business, right? it’s sad when good people (like they were) have to start over, but at least your rights were still yours at the end of it, so go you! lol

  1. You know how they say, “If you see something, say something!”? (Maybe that’s just in NY, but still . . . it exists lol) Well, we saw something about small press publishing, and we said something! I hope you’re proud of us, because our moms weren’t even impressed we followed the saying . . . o_O

    Thanks for listening, Felicia! <3

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