Dear Reader, Let’s Go on a Date . . .

As an author, this is basically what I ask my readers when they pick up one of my books. 🙂


Dear Reader, Let’s Go on a Date . . .

I saw you looking. I noticed the sweet caress of your eyes—hidden behind fluttering lashes, and accompanied by a shy smile . . . My heart jumped. That innocent glance was enough to pull from a need so deep within, the drum from my chest drowned everything around me. And all I desired was to have the power to fulfill your fantasy.

Whatever your want, I am yours.

Sorry if I’m too direct, but time is short, and I don’t want to waste it. Would you . . . would you take my hand? I’d love the chance to share a cup of coffee with you, or wine if you prefer. I just want you comfortable and open. Open to me and all I have to offer.

You see, I’m prepared to change your world. Prepared to give you everything you’ve ever longed for . . . and more. To take you on the peak of existence by making you feel empowered but exposed. Excited. Anxious. Lost. Intrigued. Help you embrace the most intense pleasure . . . yet feel consumed by void. Joy and sorrow. Anger and despair. But above all, love.

Please don’t be afraid. I mean no harm. These raw emotions are what make us human, and I want to experience them with you. You and me, together, in a timeless world . . . living a lifetime of moments from my soul.

So would you go on this “date” with me and read my work?

Would you allow me to share with you my deepest personal dreams? And promise not to mock me, when I lose myself enough in your acceptance, to gift you with the intimacy of my most vulnerable thoughts . . .

Would you?

~ S. Katherine Anthony




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