Evoking Real Emotions in Stories – Ep 09, The Writers’ Podcast


Emotions pod ep 9

The measure of a great story is when we feel what the character feels. It’s a method that sounds easier than it is. In episode eight, we discuss why invoking readers emotions is critical to a story’s success and how to effectively create believable emotional scenes in your story.

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7 thoughts on “Evoking Real Emotions in Stories – Ep 09, The Writers’ Podcast”

  1. I’ve got to read some of these short stories.

    Emotion is probably the last thing that can be mastered. It is hard because emotion isn’t rational and when something isn’t rational it is hard to bottle it up and direct it. So we get a little bit or we get too much. Finding that middle ground…whew let me know when you get there and give me the path.

    Another great one guys.


    1. Yes you do! So let’s all gang up on Raymond to get his anthology going lol

      That middle ground you speak of really is the toughest, not just because it’s hard to master, but it can be so subjective. Like I can get so emotional if someone picks on my accent, but should I write a book and try to convey that? No, because who else really cares? lol So . . . basically we have to be specific so it’s not too general, but general so we can all relate O_O No wonder writers are all a bit insane! hahahaha


    1. Killing people!!!! My favorite! Well . . . as a writer. As reader, it kills me. LOL

      But since I know the feeling of killing characters . . . it’s all sad, so big hugs. ❤


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