The New Art of Storytelling – Ep 10, The Writers’ Podcast

Pod New Art of storytelling 10

To understand how storytelling has changed and continues to evolve we need to examine it across all the art forms. In this episode, we discuss storytelling in TV shows and movies—how it has changed—and the impact on novel plots and characters.

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4 thoughts on “The New Art of Storytelling – Ep 10, The Writers’ Podcast”

  1. As a movie buff myself and a huge Alien fan we can all have a moment of silence after that sad attempt. Also did you hear about the idea of the merged worlds of Blade Runner and Alien?

    As far as Hulk I am more of an Edward Norton fan and feel his Hulk movie is majorly underrated. The Eric Bana one…yeah we can skip that.

    The comic nerd in me has to also chime in and say the gold people in GotG are called the Sovereign, but she is probably a version of Kismet who was created by the Enclave in the comics. Also they will be responsible for making Adam Warlock who is pretty awesome….um..anyway nerd mode off.

    It is funny though how often Hollywood gets it wrong. Take The Dark Tower. Trying to ram all that story into one movie, as they often try to do, will almost always fail. A story needs room to breath. I think that is why GoTs is more successful than a lot of movie attempts at books to film. TV gives the story a bit more time tell itself. I really hope they get “It” right. Me and my daughter are going to see it as soon as it comes out.

    Anyway another great one guys.


    1. LOL – Nerd mode almost went into overload. I was good with Norton’s version, it just seemed the story line didn’t move much beyond the first disaster. And yes, haven’t seen Dark Tower yet, but I am planning to be disappointed…higher hopes for It. And I agree, you just can’t do many of these stories in 3 hours, which is why I believe the future is more in the hands of Netflix/HBO etc. Blade Runner/Alien. . . well it can’t be any worse than Covenant.


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