In the Studio: A Q&A Author’s Special – Ep 14, The Writers’ Podcast

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This week, to help with SK’s Hurricane Recovery Therapy, we’re taking a deeper look into the minds of our two favorite authors. Unfortunately, they weren’t available so we decided to interview each other. And to add a bit of fun, we had no idea what the other might ask. So, here is an opportunity to discover what Raymond’s theme song would be, his most outrageous bar bill, which sitcom helped Kat learn English, and what it’s like for an introvert to become a podcaster.


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7 thoughts on “In the Studio: A Q&A Author’s Special – Ep 14, The Writers’ Podcast”

  1. Lots of thoughts here, and I have to say that I absolutely LOVED this podcast with the variety of questions. S.K., I can’t believe you called me a “church lady!” hahahaha but I’ll forgive you because you (like me) love “Smelly Cat” and things like that are important. As for stealing a book idea, I was saying, “Harry Potter” before you even answered. And Raymond, I was holding my breath for your answer about paranormal romance, and was actually surprised at your self-control. I’m so glad you got past your fear of novel-length writing and am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the fourth book of The Creepers. I”m on par with both of you for Valentine’s Day and Halloween, and I love the insights on self-pubs as well. But that bar bill! Oh my gosh. I thought you were going to say Groove Street on your birthday, not just with three of you.

    And for the record, I paid the Denny’s bill. It was pretty easy to sneak off with the waitress while you guys tried to keep your heads off your plates and stay awake . . . well worth every penny.


      1. Lol to be fair, I believe it was one of the very few things I *did* pay for that weekend, so thank YOU. I’ll be back for more when you put your house back together.


    1. Hey Thanks! You never know what’s gonna work and what is not, so we really appreciate the feedback. Although, it can be a little dangerous not to pre-screen SK’s questions lol.


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