Bestsellers: The Awful Truth – Ep 16, The Writers’ Podcast

Pod Bestsellers ep. 16.jpg

Think bestseller lists are all about top sellers? Think again. In this episode, we unravel the mysteries behind the seven surprising factors that go into selecting a bestselling novel. We also discuss some of the methods that Indie authors have used to achieve a coveted place on these lists and how Amazon’s new approach may be an independent author’s best shot at becoming a household name.

Raven and quill on books

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7 thoughts on “Bestsellers: The Awful Truth – Ep 16, The Writers’ Podcast”

  1. Isn’t that amazing? So many peope think all you have to do is write a great book. I hate that almost all those factors have nothing to do with the quality of the book at all, and that there are terrific books out there that may never be recognized.


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