Plot v. Character – Ep 20, The Writers’ Podcast

PvC WAD pod 2

Are you a plot or character driven writer? How different would some of the well-known movies and books be if we changed the approach?

Could The Lord of the Rings be the same without Frodo? What mistake did George Lucas make by using a plot style? And is SK a control freak who needs professional help?

In this episode of The Writers’ Podcast, we discuss and explore the differences in storytelling between these two types of writers. We also take a look at the advantages and pitfalls of each style as we attempt to answer the question: Does it make a difference to the end story product?


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6 thoughts on “Plot v. Character – Ep 20, The Writers’ Podcast”

  1. Ironic that I listen to this in the middle of NaNoWriMo! 😄

    You both brought out great points. But as a character-driven writer (sorry, Ray), I find even though I start with a plot, by the end of the first draft the character over-shadows everything and it’s a struggle to find the balance back to a compelling plot.

    Ugh! I’m a work-in-progress – still trying to figure it out and get it right. You’ve given me good areas to work with.

    Thanks, guys! 😉


  2. I’d never really thought about what drives the two of you, as far as plot or character, but it’s so clear now that I think of your books. S.K., even though your plot is incredible for Kinetic and Static, I can’t imagine them without Nick & Annie, or Kevin & Ryan. And Raymond, your characters are terrific but doggone it, I need to know what happens next, even if some of them get killed.


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