The Benefits of Beta Reading – Ep 22, The Writers’ Podcast

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Long before you collect reviews, distribute advanced reader copies, or finalize your edits, there is a solid opportunity to receive objective input on your novel. In this episode, we discuss beta reading and why it’s a great method to find both the positives and negatives in your story.

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7 thoughts on “The Benefits of Beta Reading – Ep 22, The Writers’ Podcast”

  1. Beta readers give genuine feedback that paying readers might give later, so it’s best to pay attention to them if they don’t love your story. I do like that you two mention the pros of readers both in your genre and out of it, for variety of the commentary on what’s working and what’s not.


    1. If your betas, especially if it includes a non-genre-specific reader, get your story AND likes it, you’re golden! But yes, better to get those critiques before publishing. Definitely not fun (for the author, or for an editor like yourself) to have to work on the same book twice or even three times because of full on revisions post-publishing, which you know from experience LOL. I rather go overboard with betas before publishing than putting something out that isn’t ready. So . . . that means: be ready for my next book sometime in 2020 😛


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