The Art of Editing – Ep 23, The Writers’ Podcast

For many writers, editing can be a topic more painful than even writer’s block. Grammar rules often seem better suited for a math class than for our beloved creative endeavors. So we brought our favorite editor, Lynda Dietz, into the studio to discuss the mysteries, misconceptions, and frustrations behind editing.


Feel free to stalk Lynda over at her website: Easy Reader Editing 🙂

And here’s Lynda with Raymond & SK back in 2016
. . . celebrating meeting for the first time on Raymond’s birthday . . .
(Yes, as you can tell, alcohol was involved)

RR Lynda SK bday


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8 thoughts on “The Art of Editing – Ep 23, The Writers’ Podcast”

    1. As far as our knowledge goes, we definitely sounded like we knew what we were saying. Beyond that . . . well, I suppose it’s “too bad!” 😛


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