2018 Resolutions? No Thank You! – Ep 24, The Writers’ Podcast

What is it about that flip of the calendar that makes us create all these lofty goals? And why does the “new you” have to come right after the “old you” just enjoyed a few weeks of absolute decadence? Well, in this episode we’re talking all about resolutions and how to make them work this year . . . maybe.



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  1. I’ve always liked the idea of intentions rather than resolutions. Well . . . “always” being “since I met Raymond.” I think we really do set ourselves up for failure by trying to make major life changes starting the very day after a week of excess comes to a head. S.K., you are spot-on with thinking NOW about exercising. It’s never too early. I’m going to do that as well. If I think about it now, I should be heading into Christmas with a bit of muscle.

    This podcast was fun, guys!

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