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The new podcast is here! The new podcast is here!

“Exploring the artful confusion of being human
. . . as seen through the eyes of storytellers.”


Exploring the artful confusion of being human as seen through the eyes of storytellers. In each episode, we bring you snarky discussions of today’s hottest life hacks, studies, and advice—as found on the internet and . . . your neighbor’s social media feed. 😛

In our first episode of Wit Without Wisdom, join us as we give you a sample of what to expect in the upcoming months. Find out SK’s real first name, the “study” about studies, why Raymond is afraid of nanny cams, and the nine things you should stop doing on Facebook.


Take a listen and tell us about YOUR biggest Facebook pet peeves!


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    1. Raymond has issues with air hugs. I think it’s the best kind . . . this way people keep their germs to themselves and there isn’t too much “touchy, touchy” 😛

      Glad you liked it!!! 🙂

  1. SK and Raymond, you guys have another win on your hands. I like this new direction, just as I liked the previous podcasts with their wealth of information.

    I have issues, though, with the “post your weather on Facebook” thing. I distinctly remember Raymond telling me to send him pictures every time I had more than eight inches of snow . . . or something like that . . . and I’m pretty sure he was making fun of MY voice when he said, “I love the seasons.” It sounded very similar to when my kids make fun of me.

    And SK, you know I will NEVER like or share if someone tells me they bet I won’t. You and I are in total agreement there. I’m like, yep, you’re right. I won’t. And you’re needy and now I don’t want to see ANY of your posts, needy person. lol

    You two are the BEST. Can’t wait for next week’s podcast!

    1. I was pretty sure you’d jump on the non-consentual-group-adding issue. But yes! No betting please, that is just as obnoxious. As for the weather, don’t listen to him, Lynda. He may sound like he’s complaining, but in truth I’m sure he enjoys being able to bitch about it. He can’t even come and reply himself, he’s afraid it will stop (plus, I asked him to reply to you but since he’s hard-headed he won’t be told what to do lol). What will keep him entertained when all the snow pics end? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Keep ’em coming. In fact, get your friends to tag him in all of them. 😛

      1. Hard-headed . . . or does he think he’s had one of his “as I recall, we laughed about it” moments and thinks he answered already? lol yes, the group adding reminded me of friends who started a group called The Group to Drive Lynda Crazy or some such nonsense. I just won’t stand for it, I say.

        Thank YOU for answering my comment, and for the great suggestion of tagging Raymond in all our weather photos! You are truly the genius I’ve come to know and love. I just have to figue out a way to convince him I’m hotter in the summer than he is, because I’m used to colder temps . . .

    1. Hi Stuart!
      You had me at “crazy” so yeah . . . I’m totally falling for your click bait 😝 and heading over!

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