Resolutions and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves!—Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 02


Hey, so we’ve reached February. That time-honored month where we get to replace the burden of resolutions with the burden of getting the romance thing just right. But be thankful because expensive flowers, carb-filled chocolate, and long restaurant lines serve as an excellent distraction from our disappointment from an early resolution failure.
The good news is that we’re not alone. Studies suggest that by February, nearly 70% of “resoluters” have abandoned their pesky self-promises. So, we’re all trying to move on and forget we ever made them . . . much like the way we wish to forget that unfortunate Hanson Um-bop CD we purchased.
So, in this episode, SK, Kat, Shanny (whatever her name is these days) and Raymond chat about everything “resolutions.” We’re not trying to make anyone (especially ourselves) feel bad. We just want to demonstrate that we all pretty much suck at them and why we probably shouldn’t care . . . or completely give up.
Here are some of the show highlights:
  • What “Org” word does Shanny want on her resolution list.
  • The resolutions EVERYONE sets.
  • Why rewards don’t keep you motivated.
  • Why you should set (or reset) your resolution list using the “Toddler Method.”
  • And how you can see Shanny and Raymond’s fitness journey in images.

Did you make any resolutions for 2018?
Do you have any tips to help Raymond stay motivated?
Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Brilliant, youngsters. I see the wit, but I fail to see the lack of wisdom; might be time for a name change! I’m responding specifically to “Do you have any tips to help Raymond stay motivated,” and I invite you, encourage you, to take this down once you’ve read it, as it is never my intention to plug my blog on somebody else’s. I gave up on resolutions in my 20s, as all I ever did was set myself up for failure year after year. But this year, I wrote myself a motivational letter, from my heart to my brain, and every morning before I start my projects, I read it. It works! I’m doing things I thought I would never do again. It’s a long explanation, and by a stellar coincidence, I blogged about it this morning. Here’s the plug:

    Again, read if you wish, then take this shameless plug down. That isn’t what I want to use your blog for! Hope it helps, though. Best of luck…

    ~ JT

    1. Hey Jack! Loved the letter! It’s brave to put that internal dialogue on the page. Also, in many ways, I (and probably most other creatives) could have written that “from me to me” and it would contain a lot, if not most, of the same issues – my creative list of “projects” seems a bit long (ask SK lol). Your post gave me an idea. What if I did my own letter but videotaped it and then each morning played it? Hmm. Anyway, hardly a shameless plug-the topic is completely relevant and we love opinions around here. Thank you for joining the conversation.

  2. Can I just say I love that we as people are given facts that 70k a year is generally better for happiness and yet we all would take the million bucks.

    Another great one. I would say that on the plus side of making “new years” resolutions is it gives you a jump off point. You can go about your year and feel like you are being pulled along so it is a chance to stop and assess.

    For real guys I am so glad you are doing podcast, I really look forward to these.

    Off to find out how to sign up for a news letter. lol

    1. LOL yeah more $$$$ seems better. But I’m sure happiness probably isn’t directly related to any amount of income as 6 years olds, as a rule, seem happier than 40-year-olds.

  3. I love the breakdown of “why” we want to achieve certain goals! I have always (“always” meaning ever since I started setting goals for each year) had a weight-loss goal, and if I were to analyze why, it would boil down to the fact that yes, I want to be healthy, but bottom line, I want to look better than I do because it makes me feel better when I look better. It’s a head game. Mentally healthy is part of the “healthy” I’m aiming for. Plus, I love knowing that whatever I pull from my closet will fit when I put it on, with no “I wonder” moments.

    In my case, I typically set personal (weight/health/self-care) goals; personal improvement goals that usually include something musical, intellectual, and spiritual growth; something that helps the household; and professional growth, for my editing business and for my day job. Sometimes they’re things I’ve worked on for years, and sometimes they’re things that are specific to right now, but I like the idea of always striving to be the best “me” I can manage.

    Shanny, I’m glad you are finally able to use your real name. No more sneaking! 🙂 And I’m rooting for you to get your writing goals where you want them to be.

    Looking forward to the newsletter. You guys are always fun.

    1. It definitely is a head a game lol and being the best “me” you can be is the best goal, I think. Otherwise, Raymond would never trust you lol.

      Using my name wasn’t about “sneaking” at all, I just really enjoy my privacy in all facets of my life. What I will never keep a secret, however, is my disdain for semicolons. I cannot believe you used it in a comment here (it’s the first thing my eyes caught when I saw your comment O_O). Raymond and I would like to add that for our intentions this year we’ll continue avoiding semicolons, thank you very much. 😛

      We hope to get the newsletter going in a month or so. We have to get all our ducks in a row and vacations out of the way first and whatnot. And by that I mean, we want to be mentally prepared to share that first “before” picture LOL.

      1. I hadn’t even realized I’d used a semicolon. It’s amazing to me that you two even still use me for editing if I’m this irresponsible. However, I am practicing the use of the demicolon, as Raymond shared with us, so there’s that. Your next book will have all kinds of interesting punctuation! I may even invent a few myself to overcome the lack of semicolons.

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