Is All Fitness Advice Just Ads?—Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 03

Is all fitness advice just ads WWW podcast

Once upon a time fitness wasn’t so hard. Humans spent most of their days hunting and gathering food, so there was little time for a cross fit class. Plus, a Peloton bike really clashed with post-modern caveman décor.

Times have changed. Whether for health or for vanity, most of us are at least thinking about getting in better shape. And even those who—by average standards—seem in excellent form believe there is room for improvement.

In theory, becoming physically fit shouldn’t cost anything—do some walking, running, some planks, and maybe a few pushups. In practice, however, the fitness industry brings in billions of dollars a year. And that money, well, doesn’t exactly deliver the results we’d like.

So in this episode we’re jumping into the truth about fitness advice. Not actual jumping, of course, because our Fitbit’s don’t measure jumps, so it would be kind of wasted exercise.

We’re also being joined by our special guest, Austin the Millennial. A guy who knows a few things about getting in shape. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why that workout routine you read is probably bad for you.
  • The myth of three sets of ten.
  • The people behind 10,000 steps a day.
  • How S. K. Anthony cheats her tracker.
  • How to evaluate a personal trainer.
  • Plus, all the statistics and snark you’ve come to love.

So, before you accept that your “winter” body is pretty much your “every season” body, grab a cheat meal, and join us as we explore whether all fitness advice is just another advertisement.




And here’s Austin the Millenial

Check out them arms! (Yes, SK wrote that part) . . . but seriously, check them out so you’ll understand why he’s our resident fitness expert! (And if you say, “Damn!” . . . well, that’s okay too 😛 )




So there you have it! 
What are some of your thoughts on the fitness industry?

Also, let’s see who can give Austin the best “welcome” in the comments,
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Ready? Set . . . GO!

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  1. You know it is funny, this topic hits home for me. I was over 300 pounds a few years ago. I am almost 6’4 but still at that weight I was not in great health. I am a huge researcher when it comes to things and the first thing I figured out was most advice is either just to get your money or completely misguided.

    It took me years to figure it out. The thing I learned was that diet will always be the harder battle than working out. I don’t mean going on a diet, I mean actually changing your eating habits.

    Past that I think if you are trying to lose weight, finding out your BMR and TDEE then just staying active is the best start. If it feels gimmicky it probably is. Throwing in weight lifting is the best thing because it helps burn your fat. I agree always assume that people with insane bodies are taking some form of enhancement. Keep realistic goals. Drink lots of water. Get lots of rest.

    Also considering where I work, I’d love to see how many steps I take in a day.

    Thanks for this one guys it was cool to hear other people’s thoughts on the subject. .

    1. Agree with everything you said, especially with the part about changing your eating habits. It’s definitely the toughest and the meanest . . . no? After all our hard work, don’t we need a little pick me up in form of yummy food? 😛

  2. I think fitness is tricky. It depends on what you are willingly to invest both emotionally and physically. It’s a huge passion of mine so if you have any questions, I have tried it all and am willing to share what I know 🙂

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