A Conversation with #Author Brandon Ax — Ep. 26, The Writers’ Podcast


Brandon Ax Writers Podcast Interview
Aiden from Elemental – Art by Brandon Ax

In this episode, The Writers’ Podcast interviews Urban Fantasy author Brandon Ax. We discuss his work, his writing methods, why he doesn’t believe in writer’s block, his future plans, and a whole lot more. No, seriously, a whole lot more! 😉

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Thank you, Brandon, for chatting with us! And congratulations again on winning The Chapter of Excellence Book Award in the Urban Fantasy category for ELEMENTAL (The Light Bringer Saga, Book 1)!

BRANDON AX fell in love with fantasy as child after first devouring the entire Chronicles of Narnia series. Born in New Orleans, Brandon spent most of his childhood moving from state to state across the southern part of America. Gaining a love of people and their many stories, he decided to pursue a career in writing. After years of tuning his craft he finished his first novel ELEMENTAL. 

Brandon is an unapologetic geek. Beyond writing he loves to draw, paint,  and sculpt fantastical creatures from clay. His movie collection is only rivaled by the number of comic books he owns and his knowledge of both  could be called fanatical. His love of fantasy is lived out through the characters not only in his books but also while playing  games like Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft.  

Currently living in South Carolina with his family, he spends his days dreaming up new worlds and fascinating characters. Hard at work on the third installment of the Light Bringer Saga, he enjoys the task of molding a story to its completion.

You can find Brandon here:

Website ~  Amazon ~ Facebook ~ Instagram 

5 thoughts on “A Conversation with #Author Brandon Ax — Ep. 26, The Writers’ Podcast”

  1. This is a great interview! It was killing me to wait to listen until today. I love when Brandon speculates that the difference between urban fantasy and paranormal romance really boils down to how handsome the vampire or werewolf happens to be, lol. Good guideline.

    You all seem to research the way I do . . . it’s so easy to get lost while looking online. I’m glad to know I’m not alone in my Google>Facebook>YouTube>cat videos style research. However, good research = good writing, and that makes for happy readers.

    Having read all three books in the Elemental Saga, I can think of no one who deserves the award and interview more. There’s a lot of good information in this podcast! Glad you all were able to get together for it.


    1. That was the best summary ever lol. It’s great when you speak with an author who really understands their craft. Really enjoyed the conversation!


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