Why Success Stories are Mostly BS—Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 04

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If you’re not successful, then you’re pretty much a loser. It has to be because there are literally thousands of books, articles, stories to model, and even systems you can buy that teach you . . . yes, you . . . how to be a success. So either you’re not trying hard enough or there is just something intrinsically wrong with you as a human.

Except . . . maybe not.

In this episode, we’re taking the topic of success to task. In the artful confusion of being human, nothing is more confusing than the things one needs to do to become a “success.” We take a hard swing at some the B.S. we’re fed, and as a result, we all get to walk away from the episode knowing the truth about every single one of our shortcomings, obstacles, and setbacks . . . the world is out to get us!

Okay, maybe not that, but we do cover:

  • The bias in every success story.
  • Is there power in positive thinking?
  • Why you need more than a garage and used books to make a billion dollars.
  • Lemon Juice – the elixir of the gods.
  • Why Shanny had to cut off Raymond.
  • And the reason your SMART goals need a second “A.”

So, if you’re tired of your small miserable existence, or you just want to laugh at the rats in the maze, join us for another award-winning episode (yes, Raymond and Shanny give themselves awards now).



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