Awful Movie Scenes We Can’t Stand—Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 05

Awful Movie Scenes WWW Pod

Obviously when you sit down to a movie or television show you expect a bit of fantasy. You’re willing to suspend your disbelief and allow the filmmakers a bit of creative license. That is, after all, part of the fun.

But there are often things in movies—and usually the smallest of things—that are so contrary to the human experience and the laws of physics, or so obvious in their attempt to sell a message that they jar you from the fantasy.

It’s downright annoying.

It makes you wonder if filmmakers live in some bizarre universe, if it’s just lazy filmmaking, or if they really believe this is how the world operates.

So in this episode, Austin The Millennial joins us as we roll tape on our list of the most annoying stuff they just get wrong in movies.

Plus, we reveal:

* How Netflix almost ruined Raymond’s Social Media feed.

* The type of movie kissing that disgusts SK!

* Why none of us would have sex during the zombie apocalypse.

* Why movies makers seem to have a bizarre concept of time.

And, of course, much, much more!

What are some movie scenes you’re tired of seeing?
Do they make you feel like you could do it better?
(Come on! Admit it, you know they do! 😛 )

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