Perfection is Thine Enemy—Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 06

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It’s pretty common to hear someone say, “Hey, I’m not perfect.” But it is also a tough confession to make. Truth is, a lot of us spend a lot of time trying to achieve our own versions of personal perfection.

Social media has put us all in the public spotlight. It’s important that our lives appear a “certain way.” I mean, not you of course, it’s just the rest of us using photo filters, picking and choosing our relationship updates, and making sure our hair is just right before we take that selfie.

In fact, there is an entire cottage industry devoted to self-exposing body imperfections on Instagram . . . with perfect hair, make up, and attire of course.

Now, we may never (and probably should never) reach the point where we’re publically trashing our relationship or making confessions like, “Wow, that latte LITERALLY ran right though me!” But has the desire for perfection gone too far?

So, after three hours of editing to ensure the episode is just right, we’re discussing perfection, its impact, and why it’s easier to say, “There’s no such thing as perfect!” but far more difficult to accept it for ourselves.

Plus, we cover:

  • Why judgy people are more likely to be perfectionist
  • How confidence plays its own role
  • How your childhood may play a part in your need to be perfect
  • Ways to give up on perfection and survive

And a whole lot more. Well, not a whole lot, but some other stuff too.


Are YOU ready to embrace imperfection? 😀


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  1. I’ve known enough perfectionists in my life to recognize that perfectionism can actually be paralyzing. You two KNOW how hard it is for me to not pick apart things that aren’t perfect when I’m editing, but there comes a time when I have to say enough is enough, I’ve done my best, and just STOP. It’s also time-consuming to be a perfectionist, and extra time is something nobody really has these days. I kind of laughed at the “I’m not perfect” excuse from people who are clearly doing their best to appear perfect online, because the “I’m not perfect” thing only comes out when they’ve failed to meet an expectation.

    I think we’ve had the discussion before about perfection v. deadlines, and I’m firmly with Shanny on this one: I will always strive for “as close to perfect as possible,” but I will NOT miss a deadline. That’s just me. A deadline is concrete, and it usually means others are counting on my adherence to it so they can do their portion of the job effectively.

    Most of the hard-core perfectionists I know are also chronically ill or suffer from frequent headaches. I don’t have time for that, either, lol. I’d rather be a little less perfect and a whole lot more relaxed.

    1. Chronic headaches? Now that’s not cool . . . like they don’t already have enough problems. lol

      PS. It’s fine to say “enough is enough” while editing unless you’re working on my book. Raymond’s? Totally cool . . . but not mine. So thank you in advance. Much appreciated. You rock. <3

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