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“Revisions feel like deciding which child to save.”
—Raymond Esposito

Twitter 45 revision child to save


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In case you missed it . . .

If you’re into fitness, health, or you’re just an imaginary athelete like me, check out this episode of Wit Without Wisdom, in which we ask the hard question: Is All Fitness Advice Just Ads?

In this episode, we jump into the truth of fitness advice, and cover:

  • Why that workout routine you read is probably bad for you.
  • The myth of three sets of ten.
  • The people behind 10,000 steps a day.
  • How S. K. Anthony cheats her tracker.
  • How to evaluate a personal trainer.
  • Plus, all the statistics and snark you’ve come to love.

So, before you accept that your “winter” body is pretty much your “every season” body, grab a cheat meal, and join us as we explore whether all fitness advice is just another advertisement.

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