#MotivationalFriday – #Quotes to Live and #Write By


“Self-editing isn’t impossible . . . neither is taking out your own appendix.
– Raymond Esposito



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In case you missed it . . .

Check out episode 6 of Wit Without Wisdom:  Perfection is Thyne Enemy!

WAD pod perfection 1It’s pretty common to hear someone say, “Hey, I’m not perfect.” But it is also a tough confession to make. Truth is, a lot of us spend a lot of time trying to achieve our own versions of personal perfection.

Social media has put us all in the public spotlight. It’s important that our lives appear a “certain way.” I mean, not you of course, it’s just the rest of us using photo filters, picking and choosing our relationship updates, and making sure our hair is just right before we take that selfie.

Plus, we cover:

  • Why judgy people are more likely to be perfectionist
  • How confidence plays its own role
  • How your childhood may play a part in your need to be perfect
  • Ways to give up on perfection and survive

And a whole lot more. Well, not a whole lot, but some other stuff too.