Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich? The Perception of Words—Wit Without Wisdom, Ep. 13

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In a watershed moment, here at Wit Without Wisdom we take on the epically philosophical question: Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?

And believe it or not, we actually took a straw poll to add some texture and depth to our discussion.

After our point counterpoint on the argument and because we didn’t think anyone would devote thirty plus listening minutes to it, we move on to a bigger discussion.

The subjective meanings of words and how they have the power to both define how we observe our world and to influence how we interact with it.

It really is an episode filled with so much bonus content. For example:

  • Decide for yourself who makes the better argument for the Hot Dog’s status in the sandwich world.
  • Can affirmations really change your life or is it simply magical thinking?
  • Discover what language bi-lingual Shanny dreams in
  • Hear the one word whose accurate definition could change the western world

All this and a whole bunch more as Austin The Millennial joins on our journey through the meaning of words . . . and that hot dog thing.

~~~Special thanks to Lynda Dietz, Tim D., and Brandon Ax for taking our poll!




What are your thoughts on the perception of words?
AND . . . is a hot dog a sandwich? 😛

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