The Kind of #Writer I’m NOT! #NaNoWriMo

I’ve been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year. Get my crap together and all that good stuff. . . and it dawned on me that:

As an author, you’d assume I know what I’m doing. I don’t!

I’m winging it just like the next guy. I’m constantly learning about the craft and will continue to do so until there’s nothing left to learn . . . which I suppose is never. (And I love that!)

There’s a difference between educating myself with the do’s and don’ts of writing, soaking up all the tips, testing how to break the rules, etc AND a difference with learning about myself as a writer. Upon recent introspection, I’ve learned two major things about myself . . . and they’re what I’m not.

1- I’m not a writer.

Well I am ;), but I’m mostly a Rewriter. Some say it’s not effective, it’s not efficient, it’s not the right way, etc, etc. I say, whatever (yes, with my non-writer’s vast vocabulary I use “whatever”). For me, I find that writing my first draft is more like my outline. I have to see the ideas written in manuscript form before I can break them down and fix them. I revise a lot, and maybe others think it’s unnecessary work . . . screw them . . . err . . . uh . . . just kidding! Kinda. What I say is: it’s my way of familiarizing myself with all the darn details and leaving just the ones I’m satisfied with. The ones my heart know are true-to-fact in my fictional world. Basically, I like to see what’s wrong and make it right.

I love being able to see the possibilities from the page and the words directly. For example, say . . . when you watch a movie or TV show and then rewrite the things you would change in your mind? That’s what I do, except with my own work . . . over and over. And over again. I’m trying to work on cutting down the number of revisions, but overall this still makes me happy.

2- I’m not a “blow-your-mind-author.”

I’m more of an entertainer. There are authors who blow your mind with their genius work and wordsmith talents, and there are writers who are purely entertaining. They are there to take you away for a while from your everyday problems, well that’s me. I write to take you on an amusing ride. You will not get philosophical thoughts, question your existence, or be traumatized (well, maybe sometimes you’ll be traumatized). But you will laugh . . . given of course you can follow my sense of humor (umm, actually for that best to have a drink or two while you read my stuff).

So yeah I don’t have “insightful OMGs,” but I have “Hahahahah OMGs.” You’re welcome.

And now that I know where I’m at mentally as a writer—and apparently felt the need for you to know where I’m at—I’ll continue on book three (& four) of The Luminaries . . . and another RomCom that’s already underway. I thought it was a good thing to share—maybe if you’re feeling stuck, do some introspection of your own. No? Well you don’t have to, but . . . it’s liberating. Accepting myself is a good step to do an unofficial NaNoWriMo run. I’d do it officially, but “I’m not a writer.” 😛

What about you? 

What kind of writer are you NOT?

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?

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