Introducing: Author Brandon Ax

Here at Writers After Dark we like to shake things up now and then!

We like to go wild exploring our creativity in our writing, blogging, YouTubing, and podcasting . . . and then we need tons of breaks because: LIFE.

For Raymond and I, 2018 has been . . . weird. Separately we’ve had different challenges this year, which proved to make our co-hosting “interesting” and our timing has been off. Like way off, as I’m sure you noticed. It got me thinking, hmm . . . shouldn’t we have someone else we can share our work load . . . err . . . fun creative endeavors with? Haven’t we earned the right to taint an innocent soul?

And when I answered myself, the answer was yes. Then I shared my thoughts with Raymond and he agreed . . . we’re ready to share our space with a like-minded person. But it couldn’t be just anyone, could it? We decided we liked one of our Chapters of Excellent winners, Brandon Ax. We did a podcast interview with him and had fun, so . . . long story short: we asked, he said yes. But we’ll let you learn a bit more about him . . . just a bit more since we want him to do some work himself in his guest posts . . .

Here’s a quick interview with him about him and his latest book release. Don’t be shy, at the end of this, say hi to him!

I’m excited to FINALLY help share the long-awaited culmination of The Light Bringer saga by Brandon Ax. It all started at 6:00 am in Elemental with shadowy dead eyes that turned into the worst nightmare you can imagine by becoming reality. Followed by some heated moments in Ashes . . . heated . . . because fire! Umm, anyway, and now finally—did I mention finally? FINALLY! We have the finale of this trilogy.

First of all, thank you for agreeing to my interrogation, Brandon. I wish you good luck with the rest of your books AND in dealing with us at Writers After Dark. But let’s get on to business!

Brandon, you recently became a vegetarian. Did you feel the brain food helped with your writing in any way? Also, since I love meat, can I have your share?

Lol, yes, you can have it all. Leave the cheese. As far as brain food helping . . . I do have more energy. So that is nice.

We were talking about meat . . . don’t mess with my cheese! Errr. . . so like, what do you feel was different with writing your third book, if anything?

Well the biggest thing for me was that I had all these loose strings left over from the first books. I had to try and tie those together and not just tie them, but do so in a satisfying way. That and trying to let the characters grow after what they experienced in two previous stories.

I think you nailed it! Hey, so tell us about one of the new characters. Why did s/he make the cut and why should readers care about her/him?

Hmm … it is hard to not give too much away, but I guess we can talk a bit about Hana. She made the cut because she is important for something that Sophia goes through in this book. I think people should care about her because she has a pretty interesting character arc in her own right.

Speaking of Hana, in a scene with her involved, you mention steak. Is it because you missed it . . . or . . . umm, so people eat in your books, huh? What’s Sophia’s and each of the Elementals’ favorite food?

Well, funny enough, I have been writing on this book so long I was still eating meat at the time.  As far as the characters’ favorite meals . . . hmmm.

Sophia would say she doesn’t have one; she just loves food and likes to try new things.

Aiden would say Mexican food, no specifics, he loves it all.

Zander would stare at you.

Lynn loves garlic-butter chicken.

Connor loves pizza (hey, he knows what he likes).

Sidney really enjoys a good croquette and will love you forever if you can successfully pull off a nice paella, preferably with rabbit or seafood.

Yes, I’m hungry as I’m doing this interview, but that’s neither here nor there. Tell us, Brandon, will we see more of the Elementals’ world in another book/series?

 Remember how I talked about those loose strings? Well, I tied a bunch of them up, but as often happens there were some left over and new ones created. I am eager to move on to something new, but I can say this will not be the last we see of this world.

If you were an Elemental, which would you control: Air, Water, Fire or Earth?

Air for sure. The connection you have to the world around you and I mean who doesn’t want to move through the air at high speeds without risking injury?

Nice! Sounds a bit dangerous for us mere humans, but fun. So, umm, was it difficult to write under a teenage girl’s POV?

I would say that in Elemental it was, but only in the beginning. At the end of the day we are all people and there are unifying themes that stay with all of us no matter our sex. Besides I was raised by a single mom with two sisters, I had this.

Yeah, you did! Now, this makes wonder about your process. What kind of writer are you: do you plan it out or are you a pantser?

This is a hard one. I, like many authors starting out, have tried many things. I like to plan and have an idea where I’m going, but I write what comes to me in the moment. I guess you could say, I fly by the seat of my plans.

And since we are talking about writing, do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

I will hit you with the tried and true, “Write every day.” It really does help, humans are creatures of habit and we have to form those. It is the biggest thing that will get you to grow as a writer.

Past that? Get great people to read your stuff. Diversity in your beta readers is a must. For my main three readers, I have one who just reads all sorts of stories. One who is a writer and reads in the genre I write in, and one who is a writer but doesn’t read the genre. This gives me a lot of info that, while sometimes has me pulling my hair out, helps to make a good story great.

Agreed 🙂

Could you leave us with a line from your books that sums up your whole writing process with the Light Bringer Series?

“Laughter probably wasn’t the sanest of responses, but I went with it anyway.”

brandon ax bio.jpg

BRANDON AX fell in love with fantasy as a child after first devouring the entire Chronicles of Narnia series. Born in New Orleans, Brandon spent most of his childhood moving from state to state across the southern part of America. Gaining a love of people and their many stories, he decided to pursue a career in writing. After years of tuning his craft he finished his first novel ELEMENTAL.

Brandon is an unapologetic geek. Beyond writing he loves to draw, paint, and sculpt fantastical creatures from clay. His movie collection is only rivaled by the number of comic books he owns and his knowledge of both could be called fanatical. His love of fantasy is lived out through the characters not only in his books but also while playing games like Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft.

Currently living in South Carolina with his family, he spends his days dreaming up new worlds and fascinating characters. Hard at work on the third installment of the Light Bringer Saga, he enjoys the task of molding a story to its completion.

Find Brandon here:

Website Blog Amazon Goodreads Facebook 

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