It’s 2019. Be a Badass!

New year, new goals, new mottos.

Goals and mottos are my go-to! Err . . . ahem . . . what I mean to say is I don’t make resolutions. For in the past, most of my resolutions have failed, and I haven’t done them in years. I’m also kicking “intentions” to the curb this year and just going to keep it simple.

In 2019 I want to have a two mottos and stand by them:

I’m committed.

I’m committed to my goals. I will show up. I will work. I will leave excuses behind me, and I will be more productive. I’m committed to write and create with intention.

I’m good enough.

I either act or accept the consequences of my actions or inactions. I will act because I’m good enough to do the things I want to do. If I fail because of inaction, I have to accept it. But I’m good enough so I will be fine. (Screw you, Insecurity!)

As for you, well, I won’t bore you with my list of goals. Instead, I’ll share what I think we could all benefit from in 2019. I found this old quote I made up years ago that applies nicely (I’m pretty sure I was drunk):

1 – “If you want to doubt yourself, do it when you’re dead.” ~ ME.

See? Sometimes I create my own deep and insightful quotes . . . or something . . . but it’s a good reminder that fits with my mottos so I’ll run with it.

2 – Let go of all the promises you didn’t keep in 2018. Holding on to that guilt won’t help! Either make it a new to-do and act toward it OR forgive yourself.

3 – Let’s eliminate all thoughts that this year will be the same as last. We have an insane amount of amazing possibilities waiting for us! Both in the fiction world and in the real world. Though as a writer, I suppose there’s probably no difference in worlds . . . which makes it both scary and exciting! 😉

Sorry this post is all over the place, but the kids have been home for way too long, and I don’t remember my own name, but what I really wanted to say is this:

Be a badass this year! Go after your goals! And dream BIG!

And just for fun, give this a click:

funny jib jab new year


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