Writing: The More You Know

I sort of hated school.

I mean there were some things I enjoyed, but many others had me never wanting to leave my bed in the mornings.

I say this because I find it funny now that I’m an adult, I tend to be learning more than ever. I actively seek information and try to find every source I can to enlighten myself. I think part of the reason for the change is that I am seeking to learn things that I care about and have a passion for.

I think that no matter what you do in life you need to research it to the fullest. Not only before starting, but while you are going through your journey as well.

Never stop learning.

Learn from others, learn from their mistakes, from their successes. Let them show you how you feel about a particular subject, by putting up a mirror for you to examine things against.

When I started writing I thought I knew a lot about books, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. After delving into the godsend that is the internet, I saw how little I actually did know. And that is okay. Part of all of this is figuring things out by doing, but it always helps to have a guide.

Personally, the best resource I have found is other people in my field. So for me, a fantasy author, I look to other authors. I try to find someone who I enjoy reading and then find anything and everything they have ever said on the subject of writing.

Between personal blogs and YouTube, there is a wealth of information that I ate up as quickly as possible. Whatever your journey is find people who have come before you and study them. It really helps.

For those writers out there here is a link to one of Brandon Sanderson’s college course he teaches at BYU. They are super informative. Hope you enjoy them.


 Anyway, back to writing. I got to keep up with this 500 a day word goal. Hope everyone is well.

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