The “Just Do It” Mentality

I am a procrastinator. I wish this wasn’t true. It is a habit that I formed through years and have struggled to break.

One of the things that I have learned helps with this is a mental trick that seems obvious, but allows me to manage most of the things I have to do.

Just Do it.

Yes, it may be a slogan, but I like it more as a mantra.

I’m tired and don’t feel like — JUST DO IT!

This is hard and if I wait to — JUST DO IT!

I mentally yell this at myself. I don’t give myself a chance to think about it and just set myself in motion.

This allowed me to write and publish three novels and illustrate another. It also helps me do regular everyday things that need to be done that are not Netflix.

Does it have drawbacks? Yes

The biggest being, me. I am still in control and if feeling a particular way, I promptly tell myself to F off and go back to whatever mind-numbing thing I was doing.

It can also be a bit exhausting. I don’t think it is healthy to run on all cylinders at all times. Relaxation is integral for a healthy life.

But used with reason it can be useful in jarring oneself out of that procrastinating mindset.

In my opinion habit forming and schedule is still the best way to accomplish one’s goals, but maybe give this trick a try. You can even yell it out loud if you don’t mind the stares. It doesn’t even have to be mine, you can use NOW, or GET UP!

Anyway, I hope everyone is well. Let me know if you try it or if you have your own methods.


2 thoughts on “The “Just Do It” Mentality”

  1. I recently worked on a self-help book that mentioned Mel Robbins’ 5-Second Rule. Basically, when you choose to act on something, you need to physically move to do it within five seconds or your brain will kill it. That explained a lot with my life of best intentions.

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