Hilarious Magic & Writing Contest . . . Because Why Not?

As this year has progressed, I’ve had no choice but to open my eyes to the cruelty of human kind. No, I wasn’t naive enough to think it didn’t exist, but somehow it was easier living in a bubble. Ironic that being in quarantine has opened up the world’s widest door, no? 

Either way, this is not a “down” post, so don’t run away. Unless, you wanna put me down, in which case read my first sentence about “cruelty” 😮.

For most of 2020 I’ve been avoiding the outside world, as viewed through the screens of my phone and computer. Because how else?

At first, it was a break from social media, news, blogs, and pretty much anything that wasn’t fiction. Sure, I’d keep up with the headlines of things, but that was about it. But, I went from avoiding all of it to learning to accept “the things I cannot change” and instead trying to turn things around by finding positivity.


Well, luckily the world is also full of talented people who take time out of their lives to bring us some joy and inspire our creativity with their own genius.

For example, there are tons of people willing to share amazing dessert recipes, and I’ve been nice enough to try them (they’re geniuses, trust me!). I love these people with my whole heart, but anyway, that might be another post. For now . . .

I could share a million things here that will bring laughter, entertainment, and whatnot, but I’m going to only share two.

The first one is a writing contest.

This is from an email we received that I almost deleted. We get so much spam and people asking for us to pay them to write for us, that I can’t help but ignore them and hit “delete” super fast.

Anyway, I checked this one out from QueryLetter.com, and thought I’d share. I’m not associated with them in any way, but in case this interest you, here goes:

This writing contest is for you to write book blurbs, but with a twist!
They want blurbs about completely made-up, nonexistent books.

I think that sounds cool. If you’re interested, it has to be submitted by September 15th, and there will be a $500 award. You can check it out here: https://www.queryletter.com/contest.

The second thing is from America’s Got Talent.

I have to share, because . . . well, I truly appreciate humor. I hope you get it because I couldn’t stop laughing. 

Here’s a video of Hilarious Magic by The Demented Brothers:

I apologize for the lack of an “actual post” but . . . I hope you enjoyed this comedic “magic” and forgive me for it. 🙃

5 thoughts on “Hilarious Magic & Writing Contest . . . Because Why Not?”

  1. Yes, the Covid-19 has given a lot of writers the occasion to be more in front of the screen. But it also got me to think that if we didn’t wrote before that, why would we do more now?
    I think that if we write, it’s not because of a context, but because of a need to do so.
    I have been writing for myself many years before I got my first blog (2003).
    Since then, I have wrote quite a few post.
    As in anything, the real writer are doing it everyday or almost.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.
    Please visit my blog.
    Have a great day!

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  2. As soon as I saw “Because Why Not?” in the title, I knew this post was yours. And the magic is truly magical! It almost inspires me to try my hand at it. I think I might be able to learn that kind, lol.

    I think my favorite part is that one of the judges gets it right away and is laughing hysterically and Simon is like wth guys, are they serious? Some people just need to learn to laugh—maybe not more often, but more easily.

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  3. I’m very late reading this post, but I almost feel like I should have known to save that video for a bad day. It’s utterly fantastic, and I would definitely go to that magic show. DEFINITELY.


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