Writers After Dark

Welcome to Writers After Dark. Why “after dark”? Well, that’s when most writers have the time to create worlds. Also we’d feel kind of guilty drinking before sundown. We’ve created a little intro video to tell you more and because creating stuff is what we do.

So whether you love stories, the psychology of life, or need a little inspiration and entertainment then come on in and see what we’ve got. This is the world as seen through the eyes of storytellers. A sometimes upside down, often snarky, but seldom boring look at life.

And don’t be a stranger. Leave comments so we can get to know you . . . and . . . well, because we’re writers and we basically get paid in comments,  so don’t be shy . . . or cheap.

Views, opinions, or bad advice . . . we try to write something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for SK-isms or Raymond’s rants, our article section is guaranteed to change your life. In fact, if the New York Times ever reviewed us, they’d no doubt use pull quotes like “Fascinating,” “Brilliant,” and even “Outstanding.”

Wit Without Wisdom is an eclectic collection of podcast topics and discussions, that is one part science, one part snark but all completely relevant to the human experience. 

It’s the artful confusion of being humans as seen through the eyes of storytellers.

The Writers’ Podcast has a really cool intro and the voiceover woman has a British accent so you’ll know right away that this is a high-class kind of show. TWP (as we call it) is all about the art, science, and psychology of storytelling. And because the two of us mostly disagree on everything, you’ll be sure to find an opinion you can agree with most weeks.

What writer or reader doesn’t want a larger library? Our Library has fine Corinthian leather chairs, mahogany tables, and that wonderful book smell. It also has a fine selection of helpful information and how-tos. Best of all, you can drink all the coffee you want while inside. You just have to bring your own.

If horror and dark fiction is your thing, Nightmirrors is your place. As a dark fiction and horror story writer and lover, Raymond dives into the darkness and surfaces with all sorts of commentary on things that go bump in the night.

She is an official make-stuff-upp-er. Quirky, fun, and informative, SK has a few things to say about life, coffee, wine, raising twins, and writing. If you like your views and opinions with a touch of snark and a helping of OCD, SK-isms won’t disappoint.

The Lighter Side of Writing is our video series dedicated to all those funny little observations every storyteller understands. Take a break from your mindful meditation and enjoy these short videos.

Some days all you need is a little inspiration or a laugh. We’ve got you covered with our short and shareable writers’ quotes, complete with pretty background images.

S.K. Anthony is an award-winning, Amazon best-selling author of Urban Fantasy and RomCom fiction. You can check out all her books here.

Raymond Esposito is an award-winning, Amazon best-selling author of dark fiction and horror. You can check out all his books here.

Sometimes you just need to vent. The Darker Side of Writing is our video series dedicated to bitching about stuff. These short episodes are filled with those “High Five! Yeah, that sucks for sure!” moments.

Graveyard Radio is a compilation of audio short stories by Raymond. So grab your beverage of choice, turn down the lights, lock the door and journey back to those old-time radio show days.