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Writers index
Research and know-how is a critical part of writing. But let’s face it, sometimes we writers get a little lost in the search for “how-to.” We’re not talking about the “fun” explorations, but those frustrating situations when we just want a simple and quick explanation of the most critical hacks without someone trying to sell us their product or service.

At Writers After Dark we wondered, “Hey, what if there was a video series just for writers?” We couldn’t find one, so we made our own YouTube Channel–The Writer’s Index. We’ve created a growing list of the most important writers’ how-tos, and we made them quick, to the point, and up to date (so you don’t waste time clicking on a video made for Windows 98 users).

We’ve also organized the index so you can find exactly what you need when you need it and we’ve included the run-time so you can effectively manage your busy schedule. And if you’re looking for the pros and cons of writers’ apps, software, and products, check out this page.

Hacking with Word

Most writers, us included, barely scratch the surface when it comes to using the built-in tools provided by Word. Here are some of our favorite hacks explained in under five minutes.

What’s a Macro and do I need them for writing?

How to install Word Macros – Download the only four a writer really needs here.

Macros: an easy editing hack for writers

Readability Statistics: What they are, why they are important, and how to check them in Word

How to access and create Word styles to save a ton of formatting time


Probably a writer’s best friend, Scrivener software is an affordable way to do everything from organizing your work to compiling ready-to-go ebooks. We take you through the basics so you can get started quickly using this powerful tool. Read more about the product here.

Social Media 101

Today, Social Media tools are a prerequisite for marketing our books. We’ve created a series of quick primers on how to effectively use and operate these tools.