Using Body Language in Your Novel, Part One—Facial Expressions

How ’bout you and I get physical today? *Kat blows a kiss* Don’t worry; I’m not trying to be inappropriate with you (any inappropriateness happens naturally, there’s no try here, it’s all “do”—ask Yoda). I’m only trying to share some of my notes on getting physical. Or rather helping you add some layers to your… Continue reading Using Body Language in Your Novel, Part One—Facial Expressions

10 Ways Amazon Turned Authors into Tinder Dates

Book publishing has always adapted to an environment shaped by the accelerated pace of technology, and no one has pushed these changes more than Amazon. As such, it is the first port of call for independent authors. If you can write it, you can publish it. Simple as that! So needless to say, Amazon has… Continue reading 10 Ways Amazon Turned Authors into Tinder Dates

Is Amazon Firing CreateSpace

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) announced their new Print-on-demand services. The announcement raises serious questions as to CreateSpace, Amazon’s POD subsidiary’s future role in the Amazon family. The details of KDP’s Print-on-demand (POD) services creates direct competition between two divisions that had formally stayed on their own sides of the house. At first glance, it hard… Continue reading Is Amazon Firing CreateSpace

Amazon’s Little Secret—A Treat for Independent Authors

Just when you thought Amazon couldn't do more for independent authors, it slaps us with KDP Print. A new Print on Demand service right on your KDP dashboard. The release of KDP Print happened back in September. But why haven't you heard of it? Well, they've kept it under the radar because it's still in… Continue reading Amazon’s Little Secret—A Treat for Independent Authors

5 Reasons Book Covers Can Make or Break Authors

We’ve all heard the saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and of course, I agree that you shouldn’t judge people by their appearances alone. But should this idiom apply to actual books? As a book cover junkie, I usually pick up a book based on the cover, read the synopsis and go from… Continue reading 5 Reasons Book Covers Can Make or Break Authors

Amazon’s New Review Policy’s Impact of Authors

Amazon has announced a revision to their product review policy and the news has created an outcry from many sellers who feel the changes will have a negative impact on their ability to receive public feedback on their work or product. Amazon’s new guidelines revise the terms under which consumers qualify to leave a review,… Continue reading Amazon’s New Review Policy’s Impact of Authors

Are Audiobooks Really Outselling Print Books?

What is it? The increase of audiobooks popularity has caused an uproar in the book industry. Over the past year, they’ve started outselling print books, and many publishers are in disbelief. Why is it important? While self-published authors are giving traditional publishers a run for their money, the unlikely contender of audiobooks has risen to… Continue reading Are Audiobooks Really Outselling Print Books?

Is Barnes and Noble Changing the Self-Publishing Game?

What is it? Self-published authors will soon have the opportunity to see their books on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. Why is it game-changing? This decision, not only opens doors for indie authors everywhere, but it's also the first move to offer real competition to Amazon. How is one Amazon bookstore to compete against… Continue reading Is Barnes and Noble Changing the Self-Publishing Game?

Amazon: The Games People Play

What’s the deal? Unethical writers are using “click farms” to increase their earnings through Kindle Unlimited. Why is it important? In addition to robbing real authors of their potential share, these click-farms are getting unsuspecting and uninvolved authors banned from Amazon. Long Story Short The scam is called Prawning. An unethical writer publishes a book… Continue reading Amazon: The Games People Play