On Being Mentally Cured of Covid

COVID Pandemic's impact on people's lives reaches far and deep. I think we will be measuring the damage for years, not months. Not to minimize those who suffered physically, but in a way, "we all caught" it, even if we weren't infected. The symptoms were physical, psychological, and financial. The symptoms continue for many, myself… Continue reading On Being Mentally Cured of Covid

#AmWriting . . . but Am I Really?

The kids and my husband have been home since NY went into quarantine. It’s been great knowing they’re all safe and healthy. Especially with a wonderful slave someone who can answer every single question that comes to mind (most answers being “I don’t know” but that seems to be good enough), and get them all… Continue reading #AmWriting . . . but Am I Really?

Covid-19: Test Negative, Stay Positive

I’m not a news outlet, nor do I have a political agenda, so I can’t tell you if the Corona Pandemic is the most severe health threat we’ve ever faced, or if it is just a lot of misplaced panic. My guess is that, like all things related to humanity, it is probably somewhere in… Continue reading Covid-19: Test Negative, Stay Positive