Every Story is a Love Story

Romance. Horror. Mystery. Suspense. Action. You name the genre, they're all love stories. Well . . . to some extent. In this video, Raymond and I discuss this very topic. A little tipsy, I might add . . . so this conversation is interestingly peculiar. Usually, we disagree just on about everything writing-related. He writes… Continue reading Every Story is a Love Story

The Author’s Silent Affirmations

  By Raymond Esposito An author’s desire for affirmation isn’t an issue of vanity. Diaries and journals are for private thoughts, but stories, those are written with the intention to share. And in sharing, writers expose a part of themselves. The reader’s response (as much as we’d like to deny it) is, therefore, essential. Who… Continue reading The Author’s Silent Affirmations


By Raymond Esposito People always ask writers the wrong question. They want to know “where do you get your ideas?” And we respond with answers that we believe might make some sense to the non-writer. Because we can’t speak the truth of it. Because the truth would reveal the subtle lunacy of our thoughts. Honesty… Continue reading Inspirations