The “Just Do It” Mentality

I am a procrastinator. I wish this wasn’t true. It is a habit that I formed through years and have struggled to break. One of the things that I have learned helps with this is a mental trick that seems obvious, but allows me to manage most of the things I have to do. Just… Continue reading The “Just Do It” Mentality

3 Habits of Prolific Writers

Prolific writer is one of those terms that is difficult to nail down. The word prolific just means: productive, abundant, or creative. In other words, we may “know it when we see it,” but the meaning is subjective. It’s a quality that requires comparison. And by comparison, history has delivered some very prolific authors. Interestingly,… Continue reading 3 Habits of Prolific Writers

Writers on a Cruise — And Some Inspiration!

We're back from our little break! I'm sorry you had to go through the pain of missing us—I can only imagine it feels heart wrenching, like when I get no coffee for a whole day. So, truly I'm sorry. And if you didn't notice that we were gone then you're mean! 🙂 That being said… Continue reading Writers on a Cruise — And Some Inspiration!

Procrastination IS Creativity

  By Raymond Esposito Non-writers don’t understand. I don’t expect them to, what with all their activities, and errands, and family time--most taking place in that overly “people-ly” world. That world without dragons, without princesses, without grand love stories, creepy monsters, or superpowers. If they lived in “our” world, then they would appreciate that procrastination is… Continue reading Procrastination IS Creativity