Does an Author Really Need a Social Media Platform?

Ask the Editor Series, Q16 Q: I’ve heard authors should always have a platform. Is that really necessary for success? A1: It can certainly make you look taller, and many tall people appear more commanding and therefore successful. Go, shawty! A2: Ohh . . . a social media platform. Well, that’s different. Think of your… Continue reading Does an Author Really Need a Social Media Platform?

My Editor Doesn’t Want to Talk to Me on the Phone!

Ask the Editor Series, Q15 Q: I asked my editor if we could chat on the phone instead of using email, and she said no! The nerve of her. Why doesn’t she want to talk to me? A1: It’s not just you; she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. A2: On the rare occasion that… Continue reading My Editor Doesn’t Want to Talk to Me on the Phone!

Do You Have a Style Sheet for Your Book?

Ask the Editor Series, Q14 Q: My editor asked if I had a style sheet for my MS. I don't think it's any of her business what I wear. A1: Style is so subjective, don't you think? If you want to write in a ball gown or in pajamas (or a sheet), you do you. A2:… Continue reading Do You Have a Style Sheet for Your Book?

One or Two Spaces After a Period?

Ask the Editor Series, Q13 Q: My mother-in-law’s neighbor’s cousin said her hairdresser told her that we’re supposed to use only one space after the period at the end of a sentence. My world has turned upside down! Say it isn’t so! A1: Welcome to the 20th & 21st centuries. We’re glad you finally made it.… Continue reading One or Two Spaces After a Period?

Is My Editor a Robot?

Ask the Editor Series, Q12 Q: I think my editor is a robot. How can I tell if I've hired a real person or just some punk with a Grammarly program? A1:  Boop boop beep boop beep beep . . .  A2: It's only complicated if you haven't done your due diligence. Writers can be… Continue reading Is My Editor a Robot?

Am I an Overwriter?

Ask the Editor Series, Q11 Q: My editor says I overwrite. What is overwriting and how can I know I'm doing it? A1:  Forwarding this question to the Department of Redundancy Department . . .  A2: This one isn't complicated, and here are a few tricks to help you know what's what. Overwriting can come… Continue reading Am I an Overwriter?

Should Authors Edit Their Blog Posts?

Ask the Editor Series, Q10 Q: Should authors worry about editing their blog posts? A1: I mean, you get what you pay for . . .  A2: There seem to be two sides to this one, and I'm not sure why it’s even a question because it shouldn't be that complicated. I can’t begin to… Continue reading Should Authors Edit Their Blog Posts?

How to Punctuate Emojis

Ask the Editor Series, Q9 Q: When I use emojis in my writing, where does the punctuation go? A1: 🤷🏽‍♀️ 🤔 🙋 ❓ A2: There seems to be a great debate on whether or not to even use emojis, but if you decide to use them, you should be consistent in how to punctuate around… Continue reading How to Punctuate Emojis

What Are the Three Most Common Issues Writers Have with Dialogue?

Ask the Editor Series, Q8 Q: What are the three most common issues writers have with dialogue? A1: Writing it. Writing it. Aaannnddd . . . wait for it . . . Writing it. A2: It’s complicated, but nobody knows why. I’m here to help you make it simpler. For some odd reason, people who… Continue reading What Are the Three Most Common Issues Writers Have with Dialogue?

How Can I Identify a Comma Splice?

Ask the Editor Series, Q7 Q: How can I identify a comma splice? A1: Is there a comma in the sentence? Then it’s possible. A2: This answer is complicated and completely easy at the same time, which makes it complicated to explain. And easy to explain. But allow me to try . . . These… Continue reading How Can I Identify a Comma Splice?

If I’m Really Careful, Do I Still Need an Editor?

Ask the Editor Series, Q6 Q: I’ve gone over my manuscript 100 times already. How could anything be left for an editor to fix? A1: Just one more time ought to do it, then. Or two. A2: There’s a saying: even editors need editors. Everyone needs an editor. At an editing conference I recently attended,… Continue reading If I’m Really Careful, Do I Still Need an Editor?

Do Editors Have Different Styles?

Ask the Editor Series, Q5 Q: Do Editors Have Different Styles? A1: Contrary to popular belief, editors have an amazing sense of style! It’s not all pursed lips and cat-eye glasses, you know. A2: Ohhh, that. This is every bit as complicated as you’d think, but the answer is “sort-of-yes,” and here’s some reassurance for… Continue reading Do Editors Have Different Styles?

How Do You Know If You Have a Bad Editor?

Ask the Editor Series, Q4 Q: How do you know if you have a bad editor? A1: Their style guide is I’m OK – You’re OK. A2: This happens on occasion, but if you’re on top of things, it’s not as complicated as you’d think. Let’s face it, with the whole idea of internet personas,… Continue reading How Do You Know If You Have a Bad Editor?