10 Ways Writers Are Always Working

Being a writer means your brain didn’t come with an on/off switch—it came with a dial. We can turn it down, we can turn it up but we can never shut off the creativity. In fact, because our ideas come from all the things around us, we never really stop working. We collect, we sort,… Continue reading 10 Ways Writers Are Always Working

Writers on a Cruise — And Some Inspiration!

We're back from our little break! I'm sorry you had to go through the pain of missing us—I can only imagine it feels heart wrenching, like when I get no coffee for a whole day. So, truly I'm sorry. And if you didn't notice that we were gone then you're mean! 🙂 That being said… Continue reading Writers on a Cruise — And Some Inspiration!

Every Story is a Love Story

Romance. Horror. Mystery. Suspense. Action. You name the genre, they're all love stories. Well . . . to some extent. In this video, Raymond and I discuss this very topic. A little tipsy, I might add . . . so this conversation is interestingly peculiar. Usually, we disagree just on about everything writing-related. He writes… Continue reading Every Story is a Love Story

Men and Women: How We Argue

        Providing readers with a great emotional experience is often at the top of a writer’s list. Creating unrealistic situations, characters, or scenes is basically failing at story telling. When writing a romance, for example, we want our readers to feel like they’re actually falling in love themselves. And when writing an… Continue reading Men and Women: How We Argue

Amazon: The Games People Play

What’s the deal? Unethical writers are using “click farms” to increase their earnings through Kindle Unlimited. Why is it important? In addition to robbing real authors of their potential share, these click-farms are getting unsuspecting and uninvolved authors banned from Amazon. Long Story Short The scam is called Prawning. An unethical writer publishes a book… Continue reading Amazon: The Games People Play