Bad Irma!

Hey Guys,

Due to loss of power, no Internet, and damages caused by hurricane Irma in Florida, The Writers’ Podcast’s production has been placed on hold. We expect to be back on our regular schedule next week. Be sure to listen in!

In the meantime, I’ll try my hand at poetry for you. (You’re welcome!)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Gosh darn it, Irma
F*ck you!

Look at that talent! . . . Err . . . yeah, anyway . . . see you next week! 😜

And since we never miss a creative op . . . check out some hurricane footage:

7 thoughts on “Bad Irma!”

  1. I don’t feel right “liking” this post, because all I can think about is your beautiful backyard, Raymond, and the damage. BUT I’m so, so glad you were safe! That’s the important part, after all. And now Zeus can come out of the various hiding places.


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