Be Kind to Yourself

Here we are close to the end of the year, and I don’t know about you, but I’m more than ready to say goodbye to 2020.  Despite the hardship this year has brought us, I’ve learned some valuable lessons. For example, I’ve learned not to trust myself when making a lot of cookie dough. No… Continue reading Be Kind to Yourself

Does an Author Really Need a Social Media Platform?

Ask the Editor Series, Q16 Q: I’ve heard authors should always have a platform. Is that really necessary for success? A1: It can certainly make you look taller, and many tall people appear more commanding and therefore successful. Go, shawty! A2: Ohh . . . a social media platform. Well, that’s different. Think of your… Continue reading Does an Author Really Need a Social Media Platform?

Cultural Appropriation and Bitterness

Yikes. Yes. I’m going there. I know this is a very touchy subject, so know that this is my opinion and not that of my fellow contributors. Now, to my point. I respect all religion and cultures and like anyone else, I’m saddened by the negative exploitation many people are capable of doing. Cultural elements… Continue reading Cultural Appropriation and Bitterness

My Editor Doesn’t Want to Talk to Me on the Phone!

Ask the Editor Series, Q15 Q: I asked my editor if we could chat on the phone instead of using email, and she said no! The nerve of her. Why doesn’t she want to talk to me? A1: It’s not just you; she doesn’t want to talk to anyone. A2: On the rare occasion that… Continue reading My Editor Doesn’t Want to Talk to Me on the Phone!

How I Became an 8 out of 10

You’ve no doubt heard about, or engaged in, the human evaluation process of “rating” individuals on overall appeal. A purely subjective practice where a “10” is pretty much a god or goddess, and a “1” is Golem eating that fish in Lord of the Rings. How one comes upon a rating for an individual can… Continue reading How I Became an 8 out of 10

Hilarious Magic & Writing Contest . . . Because Why Not?

As this year has progressed, I’ve had no choice but to open my eyes to the cruelty of human kind. No, I wasn’t naive enough to think it didn’t exist, but somehow it was easier living in a bubble. Ironic that being in quarantine has opened up the world’s widest door, no?  Either way, this… Continue reading Hilarious Magic & Writing Contest . . . Because Why Not?

Do You Have a Style Sheet for Your Book?

Ask the Editor Series, Q14 Q: My editor asked if I had a style sheet for my MS. I don't think it's any of her business what I wear. A1: Style is so subjective, don't you think? If you want to write in a ball gown or in pajamas (or a sheet), you do you. A2:… Continue reading Do You Have a Style Sheet for Your Book?

The One Core Value that Changed My Approach to Self-development

When it comes to self-improvement, we’re all like teenagers. Individuals of little experience but whose bold and unwarranted confidence makes one a sudden expert. Day three of the diet, and we’re telling anyone who will listen how it is done—the science, the methodology, and the rest. Week two at the gym, and we’re basically cross-fit… Continue reading The One Core Value that Changed My Approach to Self-development

One or Two Spaces After a Period?

Ask the Editor Series, Q13 Q: My mother-in-law’s neighbor’s cousin said her hairdresser told her that we’re supposed to use only one space after the period at the end of a sentence. My world has turned upside down! Say it isn’t so! A1: Welcome to the 20th & 21st centuries. We’re glad you finally made it.… Continue reading One or Two Spaces After a Period?

What Happened to Blogging?

And what happened to me? You probably didn’t notice (what with the world going upside down and all), but I haven’t been around. I had been disheartened for a while with blogging . . . and then 2020 happened and I truly grasped the meaning of being disheartened. It is bananas out there.  I don’t… Continue reading What Happened to Blogging?

Seeking Fulfillment: Knowing Nothing Taught Me Everything

Like many folks, I'm on a journey of self-fulfillment. For a time, it felt an odd thing to be engaged in at fifty-four years old. In my youth, or at least my thirties, I believed that all would be worked out by this point in the future. That I'd be on the easy downward slope… Continue reading Seeking Fulfillment: Knowing Nothing Taught Me Everything

Is My Editor a Robot?

Ask the Editor Series, Q12 Q: I think my editor is a robot. How can I tell if I've hired a real person or just some punk with a Grammarly program? A1:  Boop boop beep boop beep beep . . .  A2: It's only complicated if you haven't done your due diligence. Writers can be… Continue reading Is My Editor a Robot?

On Being Mentally Cured of Covid

COVID Pandemic's impact on people's lives reaches far and deep. I think we will be measuring the damage for years, not months. Not to minimize those who suffered physically, but in a way, "we all caught" it, even if we weren't infected. The symptoms were physical, psychological, and financial. The symptoms continue for many, myself… Continue reading On Being Mentally Cured of Covid

Tell Me What to Watch (or Read) Next

Nothing is off limits. TV shows, movies, YouTube, recipes, blog? Yep. Do it. Share your own books if you want. Heck, share mine! I won’t say no. In fact, I may take your suggestions even more seriously lol.  Here’s the caveat: it may take me a while before I get to it. Because, you know:… Continue reading Tell Me What to Watch (or Read) Next

Am I an Overwriter?

Ask the Editor Series, Q11 Q: My editor says I overwrite. What is overwriting and how can I know I'm doing it? A1:  Forwarding this question to the Department of Redundancy Department . . .  A2: This one isn't complicated, and here are a few tricks to help you know what's what. Overwriting can come… Continue reading Am I an Overwriter?

Life Perspectives in Isolation: The Monkey Mind and Stepping off the Hamster Wheel

I had no intention of writing this post. Sitting here at my desk at 8:30 p.m., on a—hang on, let me check because who knows what day it is these days—ah, yes, on a Tuesday night, I watched the little cursor blink on and off, on and off, for about five minutes. It wasn’t a… Continue reading Life Perspectives in Isolation: The Monkey Mind and Stepping off the Hamster Wheel

#AmWriting . . . but Am I Really?

The kids and my husband have been home since NY went into quarantine. It’s been great knowing they’re all safe and healthy. Especially with a wonderful slave someone who can answer every single question that comes to mind (most answers being “I don’t know” but that seems to be good enough), and get them all… Continue reading #AmWriting . . . but Am I Really?

Should Authors Edit Their Blog Posts?

Ask the Editor Series, Q10 Q: Should authors worry about editing their blog posts? A1: I mean, you get what you pay for . . .  A2: There seem to be two sides to this one, and I'm not sure why it’s even a question because it shouldn't be that complicated. I can’t begin to… Continue reading Should Authors Edit Their Blog Posts?

Covid-19: Test Negative, Stay Positive

I’m not a news outlet, nor do I have a political agenda, so I can’t tell you if the Corona Pandemic is the most severe health threat we’ve ever faced, or if it is just a lot of misplaced panic. My guess is that, like all things related to humanity, it is probably somewhere in… Continue reading Covid-19: Test Negative, Stay Positive

Writing, Productivity, and Solitude

  “Writing, at its best, is a lonely life.” - Ernest Hemingway Have you noticed how other people seem to achieve so much more than you feel you possibly ever could? Okay, that sentence sounds very jumbled, but what I’m asking is this: Have you ever felt like a loser who can’t get anything done?… Continue reading Writing, Productivity, and Solitude

Inner Dialog: The 4 Deceptive Voices in Your Head and How to Shut Them Up.

I read several articles recently that revealed some people do not have an inner voice. It seems that inside their heads, they don’t talk to themselves. I find that astonishing. In the business of my daily life, I consider internal dialog as the essence of “me.”  I can’t fully wrap my head around the idea… Continue reading Inner Dialog: The 4 Deceptive Voices in Your Head and How to Shut Them Up.

How to Punctuate Emojis

Ask the Editor Series, Q9 Q: When I use emojis in my writing, where does the punctuation go? A1: 🤷🏽‍♀️ 🤔 🙋 ❓ A2: There seems to be a great debate on whether or not to even use emojis, but if you decide to use them, you should be consistent in how to punctuate around… Continue reading How to Punctuate Emojis

What Makes You a Creative Writer?

"Of all human activities, creativity comes closest to providing the fulfillment we all hope to get in our lives." – M. Csikszentmihalyi The thought that creativity can bring fulfillment is lovely, isn’t it? And I believe it’s true . . . as strongly as I believe it’s that easy AND that hard.  Where does creativity… Continue reading What Makes You a Creative Writer?

Setting Goals: How reading the Classics was a lesson in successful self-development

In college, I took a Romantic Literature course. It turned out to be mostly a poetry course — a syllabus filled with the dull, shoot-yourself-in-the-head type of poetry (in my opinion). I’m not sure why history considers Blake, Keats, or some poem about an ancient fisherman romantic unless you view love as a painful, stress-filled,… Continue reading Setting Goals: How reading the Classics was a lesson in successful self-development

What Are the Three Most Common Issues Writers Have with Dialogue?

Ask the Editor Series, Q8 Q: What are the three most common issues writers have with dialogue? A1: Writing it. Writing it. Aaannnddd . . . wait for it . . . Writing it. A2: It’s complicated, but nobody knows why. I’m here to help you make it simpler. For some odd reason, people who… Continue reading What Are the Three Most Common Issues Writers Have with Dialogue?

Say Yes to You in 2020. Are You Ready?

I hope you’re ready. Because I’m not . . . I have the flu. And I have no choice but to assume that being sick at this point means I’ll be healthy the rest of the year. That’s how it works, right? Just lie to me. Either way, here’s the thing: regardless of how we’re… Continue reading Say Yes to You in 2020. Are You Ready?

Merry Everything & Happy Always

I never lie to you, folks. So I’ve got to be honest. I’m not really sure how I feel about this past year. It stands out as one of those years that felt like maybe it was a couple of different years put together. Did you ever have one of those? Like, I think I’ll… Continue reading Merry Everything & Happy Always

The Death of an Adventure

It was Monday morning, October 7th, 2019 when my creative life changed. I remember the date because it was the day before my twin’s birthday—and because of that I was able to hold back the heaviness in my chest for 48 hours before a dark wave of sadness came rushing in. You see, that is… Continue reading The Death of an Adventure

How Can I Identify a Comma Splice?

Ask the Editor Series, Q7 Q: How can I identify a comma splice? A1: Is there a comma in the sentence? Then it’s possible. A2: This answer is complicated and completely easy at the same time, which makes it complicated to explain. And easy to explain. But allow me to try . . . These… Continue reading How Can I Identify a Comma Splice?

The Kind of #Writer I’m NOT! #NaNoWriMo (+ Free NaNo Survival Kit)

I’ve been thinking about doing NaNoWriMo this year (and last year . . . and the one before that). Get my crap together and all that good stuff . . . and it dawned on me that: As an author, you'd assume I know what I'm doing. I don't! I'm winging it just like the… Continue reading The Kind of #Writer I’m NOT! #NaNoWriMo (+ Free NaNo Survival Kit)

5 Essentials for Your Successful Book Launch

Orchestrating a book launch is not something that comes easy for any author. Even though you now have technology on your side that helps you get in touch with your readers, nothing compares with an event where you can have them in front of you. But, when you think of organizing such events and all… Continue reading 5 Essentials for Your Successful Book Launch

Yoga: The Funny Side of Self-Improvement

Sure, self-improvement is a serious business. But, if we’re truly going to self-develop then we really will need our sense of humor. Probably more so than when we were just happy to not be self improved. My recent experience with Yoga is a fine example of what I call the funny side of self-improvement. As… Continue reading Yoga: The Funny Side of Self-Improvement

Be a Good Parent to Yourself

Most people aren’t selfish, they are frightened. Afraid of what others might think or fearful of how they might look. Scared life has passed them by, or that things will be taken away from them. Anxious that the stuff they most hope for will never arrive.  It’s all very individual. A homeless person will fight… Continue reading Be a Good Parent to Yourself

If I’m Really Careful, Do I Still Need an Editor?

Ask the Editor Series, Q6 Q: I’ve gone over my manuscript 100 times already. How could anything be left for an editor to fix? A1: Just one more time ought to do it, then. Or two. A2: There’s a saying: even editors need editors. Everyone needs an editor. At an editing conference I recently attended,… Continue reading If I’m Really Careful, Do I Still Need an Editor?

More is Better: How Not to Start Your Personal Development Journey.

“If some is good then more must be better.” If you read my article on Potential, you know that quote will most likely be on my epitaph.  I can’t apologize for having such curiosity. I love investigating options, planning, and most definitely gathering all the “stuff” needed for the project. I’m also not single-minded when… Continue reading More is Better: How Not to Start Your Personal Development Journey.

A Haunting Consequence

They say you draw what you intend. If that is true, then I expect mine will be a horrifying death. My intentions are always toward the darkness. My imagination seeks out the irrational truths that are still, in fact, true. I’m a dark fiction author, so I love those places where sanity grows thin, and… Continue reading A Haunting Consequence

Do Editors Have Different Styles?

Ask the Editor Series, Q5 Q: Do Editors Have Different Styles? A1: Contrary to popular belief, editors have an amazing sense of style! It’s not all pursed lips and cat-eye glasses, you know. A2: Ohhh, that. This is every bit as complicated as you’d think, but the answer is “sort-of-yes,” and here’s some reassurance for… Continue reading Do Editors Have Different Styles?

Your Blank Page Isn’t a Failure

“I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” ‑ Michael Jordan So, you may not be a professional basketball player… Continue reading Your Blank Page Isn’t a Failure

The “Just Do It” Mentality

I am a procrastinator. I wish this wasn’t true. It is a habit that I formed through years and have struggled to break. One of the things that I have learned helps with this is a mental trick that seems obvious, but allows me to manage most of the things I have to do. Just… Continue reading The “Just Do It” Mentality

The Midlife Crisis

  If several of years ago you’d asked me to define a midlife crisis I’d have answered: 1.) It’s something that happens in your forties. 2.) It happens to guys who have lacked proper introspection.  3.) It manifests in men through the purchase of hair plugs and expensive sports cars. Being a man of 50, with… Continue reading The Midlife Crisis

How Do You Know If You Have a Bad Editor?

Ask the Editor Series, Q4 Q: How do you know if you have a bad editor? A1: Their style guide is I’m OK – You’re OK. A2: This happens on occasion, but if you’re on top of things, it’s not as complicated as you’d think. Let’s face it, with the whole idea of internet personas,… Continue reading How Do You Know If You Have a Bad Editor?

Mistakes I’ve Made

Have you ever trusted the wrong person? Ate that third slice of pizza you shouldn’t have? Or just simply overcomplicated a thing because it seemed like the right thing to do? Yes? Then you know what I’m talking about. You live and learn, right? And don’t pretend you’ve never been there! Nobody likes a show-off… Continue reading Mistakes I’ve Made

Depression in an Artist

There are quite a few statistics about artist and mental disorders. It is for sure not a requirement of the trade, but it is prevalent. Depression being a prominent affliction. Writers especially seem to suffer from it. From Hemingway to Rowling, some of the greatest authors suffered from depression. It is a tricky disorder/disease. Often… Continue reading Depression in an Artist

The Truth About Living up to Your Potential

As a teen, I often heard, “you’re not living up to your potential.” Most of my teachers recognized my repeated pattern. I’d score big on the first test, coast the rest of the semester, and then save the grade with my finals. Saving the grade meant that the potential “A” for the course usually ended… Continue reading The Truth About Living up to Your Potential

Should an Editor Fix Every Single Mistake?

Ask the Editor Series, Q3 Q: What “mistakes” shouldn’t you let your editor fix? A1: You should never let your editor fix “mistakes” unless they’re removing “scare” quotes from where they don’t “belong.” A2: Genuine mistakes, on the other hand, are another story, and it’s only sort of complicated. But here’s why. Language is a… Continue reading Should an Editor Fix Every Single Mistake?

Why Do Writers Sabotage Their Writing?

I know it sounds crazy to think writers would sabotage their writing, when our title alone says we’re writers. The conclusion, of course, is that writers write, and it’s a given that we love to write more than anything else in the world. That’s true, sure, but it’s not always true. Writers have to swim… Continue reading Why Do Writers Sabotage Their Writing?

Writing a Scene

I read quite a bit and while it is something I enjoy, the more you read the more you find books that fall short of your own expectations. In fact, if you are in the writing field you most likely have said at some point or in some variation, “This book got published? I should… Continue reading Writing a Scene

The Absolute Best Zombie Films

Like all films, Zombie movies run the gauntlet of great to absolutely terrible.  Let’s dispense with the most apparent arguments of “what” constitutes a “zombie.” For my treatment and for lack of a better defining term, a zombie does not necessarily require the death of the individual - infected is good enough. The speed of… Continue reading The Absolute Best Zombie Films

I Have My Own Style Guide. Do I Still Need An Editor?

Ask the Editor Series, Q2 Q: If I have my own style guide, why do I still need an editor? A1: Because I need to pay my electric bill. Also, I need to feel special, and I can’t feel nearly as special if you know everything that I know. It’s science. A2: It’s complicated, and… Continue reading I Have My Own Style Guide. Do I Still Need An Editor?

Finding Time to Read

Did you know May is “Get Caught Reading” month? Yeah, me either. I found out because I was trying to make a list of books to help me get back into reading and stumbled upon it. So what is it? Get Caught Reading is supported by hundreds of celebrities, and it’s “a nationwide public service… Continue reading Finding Time to Read

Writing: The More You Know

I sort of hated school. I mean there were some things I enjoyed, but many others had me never wanting to leave my bed in the mornings. I say this because I find it funny now that I’m an adult, I tend to be learning more than ever. I actively seek information and try to… Continue reading Writing: The More You Know

Why a Zombie Outbreak Will Disappoint

I love zombies, well more correctly, I love the thought of pitting myself against the horde. I mean, who doesn’t? Although I consider myself a “glass half full” type of guy, I cannot however help but be a little pessimistic over the promise of an inevitable zombie apocalypse. The truth, I fear, is that even… Continue reading Why a Zombie Outbreak Will Disappoint

Are Editors Really as Mean as They Look?

Ask the Editor Series, Q1 Q: Are editors really as mean as they look? A1: That’s ridiculous. Looks can be deceiving. We can be so much meaner. Just ask our children. A2: It’s complicated, and here’s why. Even the nicest editors don’t always look as friendly as they are, because . . . well, we’re… Continue reading Are Editors Really as Mean as They Look?

On Writing 500 Words a Day

I wrote 500 words a day, every day last week! Do you know what happened? Well, I wrote 3,500+ words! Which, if you’re “into losing weight” you know that’s the same number deficit calories you need to lose one pound. And no, that’s not why you’re here, but you can see where my head is… Continue reading On Writing 500 Words a Day

Doctor Jekyll and Mister Semicolon: The Strange Case of Literary Classics

I’m on a renewed trip through the literature classics—and no, a book isn’t on the list because BuzzFeed claims it to be a “Classic.” In that sense, I’m a traditionalist. I have many modern favorites that I would love to see on the list of top classics someday. But to be a classic, in my… Continue reading Doctor Jekyll and Mister Semicolon: The Strange Case of Literary Classics

An Insomniac’s Convoluted Night — A Writer’s Perspective

***This is what my brain comes up with after 6 hours of sleep in the past 5 days. Don’t mind the rhyme, lack of rhyme, or lack of anything that would remotely makes sense. 11:00 p.m. I’m a mess, I confess. In the dark, in the light. My mind is a trap, but no, it… Continue reading An Insomniac’s Convoluted Night — A Writer’s Perspective

The Three Ps of Writing

There are a lot of indicators that something is or isn’t working for an artist. It is a hard journey and there are really, in my opinion, three things you need to survive it. I like to call them my three Ps of writing. Passion. This one may seem easy, but I think I am… Continue reading The Three Ps of Writing

Need Stress Relief? Horror Movies and Horror Books Are the Answer

Life can be stressful. Not mine, of course, because I generally don’t give a f*#-. But for most people, all those to-dos, responsibilities, and endless requirements of adulting can take their toll. Stress has as much of a negative impact on your health as a poor diet or lack of exercise. But there is a… Continue reading Need Stress Relief? Horror Movies and Horror Books Are the Answer

13 Funny #GrammarFails

Once again, the Internet provides an opportunity for you to feel better about yourself. Enjoy the "creative" use of these . . . words . . . Uh—spellings? 😉 ————— #1 ————— ————— #2 ————— ————— #3 ————— ————— #4 ————— ————— #5 ————— ————— #6 ————— ————— #7 ————— ————— #8 ————— ————— #9… Continue reading 13 Funny #GrammarFails

Horror Movies Grow Up . . . Mostly

Horror movies have risen from the grave and seen an incredible revitalization. Not only are there more horror films in production and more audiences watching, but the stories themselves are being treated with the care and respect deserved. In this resurgence of big-screen horror films and streaming originals, the once-scorned genre is producing some to… Continue reading Horror Movies Grow Up . . . Mostly

Writing Love

Ah February. Love is in the air . . . or at least some semblance of it manufactured by a massive holiday. Too cynical? Well we have to admit that love equals money.  Valentine’s day rivals Halloween and Christmas as a top spending holiday. In 2016 estimates had the love holiday making nearly 20 billion.… Continue reading Writing Love

5 Things I Learned About Writing

If you’re like me, you find that wanting to write and actually writing isn’t quite the same. There’s no shortage of ideas, there’s no lack of love or passion, heck, there’s even enough time to write if you truly want it. And yet, the excuses overflow so much that when you finally finish a manuscript, you’re… Continue reading 5 Things I Learned About Writing

Advice: Take off your seatbelt and enjoy a smoke.

I’ve discovered the most dangerous thing to health, well-being, and happiness. That “thing” is following the latest advice, study, or suggestions for being healthier or happier. Looking back at the past thirty years, one thing is clearly true—if you followed most of the recommendations, you were, in fact, doing yourself more harm than good. Here’s… Continue reading Advice: Take off your seatbelt and enjoy a smoke.

15 Hilarious #WritersProblems Moments

Here are some posts from writers selling out the secrets of our lifestyle . . . because sometimes you just need to know you’re not alone. Thank you, Internet Strangers! 😉   ————— #1 —————   ————— #2 —————   ————— #3 —————   ————— #4 —————   ————— #5 —————   ————— #6 —————… Continue reading 15 Hilarious #WritersProblems Moments

Watershed Moments In Horror Films

The “horror” movie has been around for a very long time, and this article is not a lesson on the history of the genre. Instead, I want to talk about those watershed moments that have in some way shaped the things we watch and those things that frighten us - that moment when we said,… Continue reading Watershed Moments In Horror Films

The Six Figures of Writing

Hello readers. Happy New year! I hope everyone is ready to take this year by the horns and really push yourselves. I, myself, have been very contemplative as this year has started. I spend a decent portion of my thinking time, trying to figure out this writing thing. One of the hardest parts of this… Continue reading The Six Figures of Writing

The Life Audit: Aligning Your Passion and Purpose with Your Goals

What if you achieved all of this year’s resolutions and then still found yourself unfulfilled? The ugly truth is that such an outcome is a real possibility. In fact, it’s far more probable than achieving all of your resolutions. It could also very well be that the reason you lose interest in your resolutions is… Continue reading The Life Audit: Aligning Your Passion and Purpose with Your Goals

It’s 2019. Be a Badass!

New year, new goals, new mottos. Goals and mottos are my go-to! Err . . . ahem . . . what I mean to say is I don't make resolutions. For in the past, most of my resolutions have failed, and I haven't done them in years. I’m also kicking “intentions” to the curb this… Continue reading It’s 2019. Be a Badass!

Fortune Telling: In the Age of Unbelievable Technology We Still Believe

Among my long list of eclectic skills is the ability to read Tarot cards. I’d imagine that Card reading is a natural fit for a storyteller. Seventy-eight cards, four elements or “suits,” twenty-two majors representing the archetypes, that when placed in patterns reveal a story. The story of things to come . . . Perhaps.… Continue reading Fortune Telling: In the Age of Unbelievable Technology We Still Believe

Expectation Is the Death of Happiness

“Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”   I’ve always enjoyed that quote. It is attributed to, Ol’ Honest Abe. Reality is no one knows for sure if he said. I say, whoever said it was incredibly astute. There is a problem that we all face and that… Continue reading Expectation Is the Death of Happiness

And This is Why Writers Have a Problem With Math!

You see? This is why most writers have an issue with math. One of the things about writing and rules is we know the stuff is gonna change. It changes from day-to-day, country-to-country (even in the same language, I’m looking at you, English!), it’s different according to media platforms, style guides, your mood, etc. But… Continue reading And This is Why Writers Have a Problem With Math!

Christmas, Ignorance, and PC Culture – “Baby It’s Cold Outside” becomes the most offensive song in American history

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and prepare to be offended. I’m a tolerant guy, and I sympathize with the feelings of others. But when we reach a certain level of stupidity and demands demonstrate ignorance, well at that point I have to call it as I see it. And I see it as . . .… Continue reading Christmas, Ignorance, and PC Culture – “Baby It’s Cold Outside” becomes the most offensive song in American history

The Thing You Most Want—Can You Do It?

Everyone is on their own journey. On this journey, there are things we’d like to see along the road, and there are things we need to find. Life happens, and even the most mundane day-to-day task is part of going along the trip. What makes it special, however, is what we choose to do from the… Continue reading The Thing You Most Want—Can You Do It?

The One Thing Killing Your Dreams and How This One Thing Can Fix It

Why do some people obtain far less in life than they desire? Why are there goals we so often dream of and yet never achieve? The answer is simple, but the solution is not. It’s a lesson I’ve often learned, unlearned, and learned again. But there was, for me, a single moment and a simple… Continue reading The One Thing Killing Your Dreams and How This One Thing Can Fix It

Can a Self-Published Author Find Success?

I have always been a voracious reader. Even as a small child books have been a big part of my life. There are good books and bad books, and most of this is a matter of taste. It is interesting though that as my purchasing scope for books expands, I am finding myself having the… Continue reading Can a Self-Published Author Find Success?

Introducing: Author Brandon Ax

Here at Writers After Dark we like to shake things up now and then! We like to go wild exploring our creativity in our writing, blogging, YouTubing, and podcasting . . . and then we need tons of breaks because: LIFE. For Raymond and I, 2018 has been . . . weird. Separately we’ve had… Continue reading Introducing: Author Brandon Ax