Hilarious Magic & Writing Contest . . . Because Why Not?

As this year has progressed, I’ve had no choice but to open my eyes to the cruelty of human kind. No, I wasn’t naive enough to think it didn’t exist, but somehow it was easier living in a bubble. Ironic that being in quarantine has opened up the world’s widest door, no?  Either way, this… Continue reading Hilarious Magic & Writing Contest . . . Because Why Not?

Romance v. Horror: Awful Misguided Reviews

Reader Reviews—manna for the author. Reviews may not pay the bills, but a good one, well that pays back the hours spent in solitude writing your story. Writers are, by the nature of the business, public figures. And with the potential for accolades comes the possibility of criticism. Some criticism is good. It can help… Continue reading Romance v. Horror: Awful Misguided Reviews